How SM6's Isabel Jones Talks Coming Out and Sharing Her Anxieties in New Single 'Panic'

Coming out to the world can be a panic-ridden and anxious experience for anyone, but SM6–and singer and bassist Isabel Jones in particular—capture it so powerfully in their latest single, "Panic."

The track, which dropped last week, sees the electro-pop band take on a punk rawness we haven't seen from them before as Isabel belts out the lyrics, inspired by her own experience of embracing her sexuality while also sharing that part of herself with the world. She really bares her heart and soul in this one, with a darker tone that seems to be ushering in a new era of SM6—and we are here for it. We got to chat with Isabel all about the bold new song, its lyrics, and what it means to her, in the interview below.

The Story Behind 'Panic'

Isabel Jones: We wrote this song fairly recently and I hold this song very close to my heart. It means so much to me since I drew from personal experience of learning to embrace my sexuality and just who I am all while trying to share it with the world.


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What 'Panic' Means

IJ: Honestly, I was so scared about sharing this with the world but I know so many other people feel the same and I want them to know that they're not alone. I hope our listeners find comfort in this song as much as I do. The lyrics are also tied to the band members and their own anxieties. It's personal to everyone… just in different ways.

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Isabel's Favorite Lyric

IJ: Definitely "All my anxieties coming for me," 'cause it really lays it out there so blatantly and so simple, yet captures the united feeling that everyone shares at some level.

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