The Definitive Ranking of Every Super Mario Odyssey Costume

Since we started Super Mario Odyssey a couple of weeks ago, we've been playing the game non-stop in search of every Power Moon, purple coin and stylish new outfit for Mario to wear.

Now that we've finally uncovered each and every hat and suit hidden in the game, here's our ranking of the looks, from worst to best. Warning: outfit and level spoilers abound!

42. Clown Suit

We love Mario, but not when he's dressed as a clown. Horror movie cliches aside, it's just not cute.

Super Mario Odyssey clown outfit in luncheon kingdom

(via Nintendo)


41. Caveman Outfit

The Dry Bones cap is a nice touch, but Mario's loincloth look isn't our fave—and don't even get us started about what's going on with his hair.

Super Mario Odyssey: Caveman outfit and T-Rex dinosaur

(via Nintendo)


40. Boxer Shorts

It's nice that Mario finally has the freedom to run around in his boxers, but this outfit doesn't offer any protection from the elements. It's not his wisest choice.

Super Mario Odyssey boxer shorts outfit in snow kingdom

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39. Sailor Suit

This Sailor outfit is cute, if not a little basic. There's nothing wrong with it, but it doesn't inspire us, either.

Super Mario Odyssey sailor outfit on dorrie in seaside kingdom

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38. Employee Uniform

While we love all the Crazy Cap employees and their towering hats, the suit is a bit much when Mario wears it. We also wish his version of the hat was about three times taller.

Super Mario Odyssey: Employee outfit

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37. Diddy Kong Suit

We love this costume as an ode to Diddy Kong, but feel kind of weird about it, too. Seeing how Mario is a furry pantless monkey with a tail and big ears is all kinds of bizarre.

Super Mario Odyssey: Diddy Kong outfit in jungle

(via Nintendo)


36. Mechanic Outfit

Mario's mechanic outfit, complete with a jumpsuit and backwards cap, looks the part, but it's certainly not an essential Mario costume.

Super Mario Odyssey: Mechanic outfit

(via Nintendo)


35. Golf Outfit

Mario's patriot golfing outfit is heavy on the stars and stripes. It's a bit loud for a normal day, but on the Fourth of July (or during a fireworks show), he can pull it off.

Super Mario Odyssey golf outfit and fireworks in new donk city

(via Nintendo)


34. Football Uniform

We're not exactly sure why this costume transforms Mario into a football star, but it's pretty cute. The 64 on the jersey is also a nice detail.

Super Mario Odyssey: Football outfit and charging chuck

(via Nintendo)


33. Explorer Outfit

Mario looks ready for an adventure in this safari-themed outfit, complete with a massive backpack. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's not trying to.

Super Mario Odyssey: Safari explorer outfit

(via Nintendo)


32. Metal Mario Suit

Metal Mario is a pretty classic character you might recognize from Super Mario 64 or the Super Smash Bros. series. We think it's cool to see him rendered in the classic style, but at the same time, he can look kind of like a blob.

Super Mario Odyssey: Metal Mario

(via Nintendo)


31. Waluigi Overalls

Waluigi has never been one of the most iconic Mario characters, but that doesn't mean we don't love wearing his colors. The purple with black overalls looks good on Mario.

Super Mario Odyssey: Waluigi outfiit

(via Nintendo)


30. Fashionable Outfit

Mario's "fashionable" outfit is sporty and stripey. So many clashing colors in one outfit!

Super Mario Odyssey: Fashionable outfit

(via Nintendo)


29. Painter Outfit

Mario lets out his inner artist in this Mario Paint-inspired look.  We particularly like the splotches on his apron.

Super Mario Odyssey: Painter's outfit

(via Nintendo)


28. Wario Overalls

Wario is everyone's favorite evil doppelganger version of Mario. His yellow and purple overalls (and bright green shoes) are clear indications he's the ultimate baddie.

Super Mario Odyssey: Wario outfit and gold coins

(via Nintendo)


27. Cowboy Outfit

Mario's cowboy outfit includes a vest, flannel, bandana and spurs—all the makings of a great western ensemble. It's not exactly innovative, but that makes it totally classic.

Super Mario Odyssey: cowboy outfit in dessert

(via Nintendo)


26. Chef Uniform

Mario's chef outfit is just too cute for words. From the uniform to the red neckerchief, it's just what you'd want to see a chef wearing. The puffy hat is the cherry on top.

Super Mario Odyssey chef uniform in luncheon kingdom

(via Nintendo)


25. Black Suit and Fedora

With the help of this tailored pinstripe suit and a fedora, Mario blends right in with the residents of New Donk City. Something flashier might make him stand out in the crowd.

Super Mario Odyssey metro kingdom next to business man in black suit

(via Nintendo)


24. Classic Mario Overalls

Way back in the day, Mario used to actually wear red overalls with a blue shirt underneath. His look has inverted since then, but we're still loving these colors.

Super Mario Odyssey: Classic overalls

(via Nintendo)


23. Doctor Outfit

Dr. Mario is one of Mario's most famous incarnations, even getting his space in the Super Smash Bros. roster, so it's great to see him show up in Odyssey, too.

Super Mario Odyssey: Doctor outfit

(via Nintendo)

22. Wedding Suit

Mario plans to crash Peach and Bowser's wedding in style with a white suit of his own in case he might be able to get in a wedding of his own. He's stylin' for sure, but we think his tux could look even better.

Super Mario Odyssey: Wedding suit in front of chapel

(via Nintendo)


21. Black Hat and Tuxedo

Maybe white is more suited for a wedding, but we happen to find Mario's black tuxedo a bit chicer. It doesn't match too much, and the red bowtie nicely complements the black, grey and white of the rest of the suit.

Super Mario Odyssey: Black tux and top hat in bonneton

(via Nintendo)


20. Scientist Outfit

We never knew Mario had aspirations to be a wild-haired mad scientist, but we like his approach to the look. The visor, long labcoat and belt buckle are great touches.

Super Mario Odyssey: Mad scientist

(via Nintendo)


19. Mario's Traditional Overalls

Mario's been wearing blue overalls and a red shirt for most of his career now, and for good reason. We think this quintessential Mario look is always a winner.

Super Mario Odyssey: Regular outfit near castle

(via Nintendo)


18. Luigi Overalls

Luigi is nowhere to be found in Super Mario Odyssey, but this outfit lets you pretend that he is. Luigi's color palette may not be as classic as Mario's but we're happy to see him represented in even a small way.

Super Mario Odyssey: Luigi outfit on scooter

(via Nintendo)


17. Happi Outfit

A Happi is a traditional Japanese coat meant to be worn for special occasions and festivals. Mario looks quite festive in his, complete with a simply traditional red headband.

Super Mario Odyssey: Hapi outfit next to Jizo

(via Nintendo)


16. Hakama

Hakama are traditional Japanese pieces of clothing that are worn over kimonos for fancy occasions like weddings and graduations. This might actually be the ultimate wedding-crashing outfit.

Super Mario Odyssey: Hakama outfit

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15. King's Outfit

Obviously, this outfit is fit for a king. It's regal, but doesn't ditch Mario's classic red, white and blue colors. The best part of the suit is unmistakably the fancy crown. Look at all that gold.

Super Mario Odyssey: King outfif

(via Nintendo)


14. Aviator Outfit

We're obsessed with the detail in Mario's pilot suit, from the zippers and buckles to the wool lining in the jacket. Complete with the goggles, Mario looks ready for takeoff.

Super Mario Odyssey: Pilot outfit

(via Nintendo)


13. Swimsuit and Goggles

Video game water levels are notorious for being difficult and tedious. This doesn't necessarily hold true for Super Mario Odyssey, but it helps that Mario gets a snorkel, goggles, pool floatie and flippers with his swimsuit. It's all just too cute.

Super Mario Odyssey: Swimsuit next to cheep cheep

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12. Samurai Armor

Mario's Samurai armor is pretty epic. While we can't speak to the authenticity of the outfit, it looks the part while still utilizing Mario's classic colors. The stag horns also add a layer of detail that makes this costume really stand out.

Super Mario Odyssey samuria outfit in bowser kingdom

(via Nintendo)


11. Resort Outfit

Casual Mario is the best Mario. We think the combination of shorts, flip flops, a Hawaiian shirt, lei and straw hat suits him nicely, but our favorite detail is that he still wears gloves on vacation.

Super Mario Odyssey resort outfit and shiba in seaside kingdom

(via Nintendo)


10. Gold Mario Suit

This Mario outfit transforms him into a 24-karat gold statue of himself, and it looks incredible. He's so, so shiny—and our favorite part is the stripey details on the overalls.

Super Mario Odyssey: Gold suit Mario and sphinx

(via Nintendo)


9. Tostarenan Poncho and Sombrero

Mario's poncho and sombrero look from Tostarena are super festive and allow him to be one with the locals. For some reason, we think the look just works for the mustached plumber.

Super Mario Odyssey: sombrero and poncho in Tostarena

(via Nintendo)


8. Pirate Outfit

This costume is so good it makes us wish there was an entire Mario game devoted to being a pirate. Each element on his coat, from the epaulets on the shoulders to the golden details around the buttons, is carefully rendered, and the pirate hat and eyepatch make him recognizable from a mile away.

Super Mario Odyssey pirate outfit and pirate goomba in seaside kingdom

(via Nintendo)


7. Skeleton Suit

If you ever wondered what Mario's skeleton might look like, now you know.

Super Mario Odyssey: Skeleton

(via Nintendo)


6. Mario 64 Suit

Super Mario Odyssey is the spiritual successor to Super Mario 64, and if you were ever captivated by that original game, you'll probably get why this costume is so special. It transforms Mario into a polygonal form that'll bring on waves of nostalgia for many fans.

Super Mario Odyssey: Super Mario 64 outfit

(via Nintendo)


5. Space Suit

The air on the moon in Super Mario Odyssey is totally breathable even without this astronaut suit, but we think the outfit really enhances the experience of bounding around in low gravity. One small step for Mario has been a giant leap for the Mario franchise.

Super Mario Odyssey: Astronaut outfit

(via Nintendo)


4. Bowser's Tuxedo

Bowser's wedding tuxedo is way snazzier than Mario's. We love the purple accents and bowtie, as well as the Bowser emblem on the white top hat. Of course, the spiky Bowser shell makes this look stand out above most of the rest. Mario should steal from Bowser more often.

Super Mario Odyssey Bowser's Tuxedo

(via Nintendo)


3. Builder Outfit

This outfit may not be that impressive at first glance, but Mario's yellow hard hat and tool belt put him in his Super Mario Maker costume, which we find totally iconic.

Super Mario Odyssey builder outfit in new donk city among girders

(via Nintendo)


2. Snowsuit

Maybe we're biased because the inhabitants of Shiveria are so adorable, but Mario's snowsuit is the ultimate in comfy cuteness. He looks so warm and cozy that we want to wear it, too.

Super Mario Odyssey snow outfit in snow kingdom

(via Nintendo)


1. Wedding Dress

Mario looks pretty stunning in a white gown, tiara and shiny blue earrings. Enough said.

Super Mario Odyssey: Bride's outfit

(via Nintendo)


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