7 Surprising Things That Are Ruining Your Sleep

Have a tough time winding down at night? You're definitely not alone.

With school, sports, friends and social media, it can feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done—which can lead to anxiety and restless sleep. But what if there were things you could control that would result in a better night's sleep?

We've uncovered seven super surprising things that might be ruining your Zzzs.

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Inconsistent Eating

Sticking to a consistent eating schedule is really important for your sleep cycle. If you tend to late night snack while you're cramming for a test, or you're staying up with friends and eating late on the weekends, you're getting your digestive and sleep cycles out of whack. If you eat around the same time everyday, you're sure to get better sleep.


Peppermint Toothpaste

Obviously brushing your teeth before bed is a non-negotiable, but may we suggest that you switch to non-peppermint paste? Peppermint stimulates the brain and signals it to give you energy and "wake up," making it wonderful for the morning, but not so good when you're trying to hit the hay.


Reading Before Bed

So you've heard TV isn't good for you before bed, so you've switched to reading a good book. But turns out that could be hindering your sleep, too. Anything that is exciting, emotional or intellectually stimulating can get your mind moving, resulting in poor quality of sleep. Leave the reading for the park on the weekends.

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Night Lights

Whether it's the light of your phone charging up or a small night light in the corner of your room, light can be one of the biggest causes of poor sleep. Even if you feel like you need a night light because you're scared of the dark, you're hurting yourself in the long run because the light is making you sleep less soundly.


A Warm and Cozy Bed

Okay, how can a warm and cozy bed be bad for your sleep? Getting toasty underneath a pile of blankets or with a pet seems like an A+ way to doze off, but when your body temperature gets too hot it can disrupt your sleep. It's better off to start off a little cool and let your body heat up naturally.

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Lemon at Night

Coffee is an obvious thing to stay away from when you're getting ready to go to bed, but you should try and avoid lemons, too. In fact, skip anything citrus when you're winding down. The scent of lemon and citrus boosts mental stimulation and energy levels (similar to peppermint). Skip out on tea with lemon, lemon-flavored drinks or lemon scented detergent.


Late Evening Workouts

A late evening workout sounds like a good idea–especially if you've had dinner on the early side. But working out at night stimulates endorphins which are great, but not so great if you're trying to fall asleep after. Keep your workouts to the morning, afternoon or early evening so you can really benefit from all of the endorphins you produce with a good sweat sesh.


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