How to Survive Attending a Wedding Like a Champ ????

It's summertime, and as this season tends to go, love is in the air.

If you've attended your fair share of relative and family-friend weddings, then you know just how exhausting (yet rewarding) the day can be.

Wedding from the Pixar movie "Up"

(UP via Walt Disney Pictures)

We're here to present to you six easy steps to surviving (and actually enjoying) yourself at someone else's big day. ????


1. Make Getting Ready for the Day an Occassion Itself

What better excuse to get totally glammed up, than a wedding? You'll feel confident and ready for the crazy amount of socializing if you look your best, so go ahead and spend a few hours doing your hair and makeup and picking out the perfect outfit. No need to outshine the bride, but you def want to show up looking fierce and picture-ready!

2. Pick a Wedding Buddy

Weddings are so much more bearable if you have a bestie to experience it with you. Latch on to your sibling or cousin and claim them as your wedding buddy! You two can endure the awkward reception dinner convos and pig out on the all-you-can-eat buffet line together.

Elsa and Anna from Disney's "Frozen"

(Frozen via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


3. Don't Be Scared to Mingle

Although it's great to have one close friend to spend the day with at a wedding, it's important you branch out and talk to people you don't know. Chat with the people at your table or some of the family members of the bride or groom. You'll enjoy yourself more and make a good impression if you're a social butterfly.


4. Offer to Help With Something

Does someone look stressed? Offer to help! If you are assigned some sort of task by the wedding party, you will stay busy and be useful! You might even find your new calling. Future wedding planner, anyone?!


5. Dance

Is it really necessary to even mention that you must dance if you want to have the best time at a wedding? Whether it's to the "Macarena" or "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae") get on out there and have some carefree fun! There's no reason you shouldn't be out on the dance floor, and don't be too embarrassed to accept a dance offer with the cutie who asks you!

Belle and the Beast dancing in a scene from "Beauty and the Beast"

(Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Pictures)


6. Take Pictures

Weddings are chaotic, that's a fact. Although most weddings have a photographer, the bride and groom often miss out on some of the more candid moments happening at their reception. Keep yourself entertained, occupied and helpful by snapping pics throughout the event and then creating a quick photo album to share with the couple once they return from their honeymoon. Best wedding guest ever? We think yes.


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