Sweet Nothings Frozen Smoothie Snacks Just Became Our Go-to Breakfast

I've always had a soft spot for chilly treats, and that hasn't changed since I moved from sunny Southern California to the frigid Pacific Northwest.

I often find myself craving something frozen, even when I know that most of my options aren't all that good for me. When I do stumble upon something even remotely healthy, I'm all over it, so when the folks behind Sweet Nothings offered to send me their health-conscious frozen snacks, I jumped at the opportunity—and it didn't take me long to be completely hooked.

The Product

Sweet Nothings are organic, plant-based frozen snacks that are basically a smoothie in a cup. They're dairy and gluten-free, with no added sugars or preservatives. They're also made with easy-to-pronounce ingredients such as bananas, cashews, chia, flax and dates, which give them with their smooth, creamy texture.

Sweet Nothings are sold in 15-packs including three each of their 3.5 oz. chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry, coffee and blueberry beet flavors. A one-time purchase case sells for $59.85 ($3.99 per container), or you can subscribe for regular purchases to get a 10% discount.

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The Experience

My Sweet Nothings pack came in the mail in a box filled with dry ice, as well as this ridiculously cute packaging. The inviting colors made me want to dive right in, but since they came packed in dry ice, I patiently let them sit in the regular freezer for 24 hours before I had my first bite.




When the time came, I was very excited to give the Chocolate flavor a try. I let it thaw for open five minutes on the table before opening it up. The 3.5 oz. cup may have been small, but it was filled all the way to the brim, so it was clear they weren't skimping.

Once I'd popped it open, I realized I'd forgotten to grab a spoon from the kitchen, but was delighted to find a little plastic spoon built into the bottom of the lid. I popped it right out and was able to get right to snacking.

I went into the experience expecting chocolate smoothie flavor, and this one delivered. It tasted like a natural chocolate smoothie backed with the fruity flavor of dates and bananas, and the occasional crunchy chia seed gave it a nice texture. It tasted decadent and healthy all at once. If you're expecting chocolate ice cream, you're not going to get it, but I don't think that's a bad thing—especially for a tub totaling 110 calories.

However, I did find that I didn't let it defrost enough, so my first scoops were a bit icy and crunchy before melting smoothly in my mouth. I found that the longer I let it sit, the creamier and more appetizing it became, but I was a little impatient and downed my first cup before it got all the way there.



Peanut Butter

Next in line was the Peanut Butter flavor, and I was instantly obsessed. This one tasted like frozen peanut butter and bananas with a delicious hint of sea salt, bringing out the best in both of those flavors. While I only tasted a hint of the dates, they added up over time, making it taste almost like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but with just 100 calories. I don't think the peanut-y taste will be for everyone, but overall, it became my second favorite flavor of the bunch.




Strawberry was my most highly anticipated flavor, and it exceeded every one of my expectations. It tastes exactly like a natural strawberry-banana smoothie in frozen form, with just the right amount of sweetness. I had a little taste test with others at home, and this easy-to-eat flavor was the clear crowd favorite. Plus, the flavor contains just 90 calories per tub, and it had one of the smoothest textures of the bunch. If I could only have one Sweet Nothings flavor, it'd be the Strawberry.




I don't get to have a ton of coffee because I'm not super caffeine-tolerant, so when I get to indulge in it a bit, I'm a happy camper. This was no exception, even if I think Coffee is the weakest Sweet Nothings flavor. That's only because the bitter coffee clashes a little bit with the bananas and the dates, giving it an unusual taste. I don't think it's bad, but I don't believe it'll be to every coffee lover's taste. Texturally, I also found it to be the grainiest of the five varieties, but it also has the lowest calories at 80 per container.



Blueberry Beet

Blueberry Beet is the most unusual of the five flavors, so it made sense for me to save it for last. At first, I found the very sweet berry flavor a little bit overwhelming, but over time, I noticed as the earthy beet came through and mellowed everything out. This flavor had a very creamy texture, and I found that the more I ate of it, the more it grew on me, until I loved the second cup from the very start. It might be an acquired taste, but at least it won't take all too long to acquire.



Bottom Line

With its colorful packaging and short list of all-natural ingredients, Sweet Nothings can be pretty tough to resist. They taste delicious and are easy to snack on without guilt, and I've been eating one most work days for breakfast and feeling great about it.

If there's one downside to Sweet Nothings, it's that they're a bit pricey. Even at the discounted subscriber price of $3.59 per 3.5 oz. cup, that's quite a lot for a small nutritious treat—and that's not counting shipping costs. Unless you're used to spending much more at the smoothie shop every day, that could leave an expensive dent in your wallet. This treat is a self-care splurge, and while I probably won't be subscribing myself, I'll be pretty sad when my dwindling 15-pack has fully run out.



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