SweetSuspenseReveal: 5 More Days!

lIt's 5 Days until the big #SweetSuspenseReveal! The girls will be releasing their first music video on Thursday, May 1, and every day we'll be revealing a little bit more about each of the members of Sweet Suspense as we count down!SweetSuspenseReveal 2 Days

Today, the girls dig deep and reveal what the name "Sweet Suspense" really means to them!



Sweet Suspense means that we are sweet, intelligent, creative girls with strong morals and values who have a lot to show the world in our artistry and our character. Yet, we are still so young and have so much to learn about ourselves and the world and as we grow as artists and individuals we will surprise even ourselves. We don't want to reveal too much too fast because its more fun to be in Sweet Suspense!



The name Sweet Suspense really defines who we are. What's life without a little sweet suspense, or suspense in general? I think it's cool because all three of us are still growing as individuals and artists, so what we do will always be unexpected. Like I say, there is so much we can, do but do we show everything all at once? Or do we keep everyone in Sweet Suspense? I like to go with the latter 😉


The name Sweet Suspense, in the larger spectrum of things, means more to me than I probably already know. I think the specific name really describes us perfectly. On the one hand, we can be seen as charming and kind, and on the other hand, the name reveals our  mysterious and secretive side. We're more than meets the eye. Let's just say we like to keep people on their toes! *wink wink*

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