Taco Bell's New French Fry Options Will Have Your Taste Buds Burning

Taco Bell has not one but two new french fry varieties, and we suspect people are going to be fired up about them—maybe literally.

The fast food chain is testing Rattlesnake Fries and Reaper Ranch Fries at select Ohio locations, according to Foodbeast. Each incorporates a new sauce and can be combined with even more deliciousness. They sound both spicy and crave-inducing.

Unfortunately, these fries aren't easy to come by unless you live in or near either Columbus or Cincinnati. Rattlesnake Fries are testing in Columbus, while Reaper Ranch Fries can be found in Cincinnati. Elsewhere, the rest of us are stuck drooling and grappling with fry FOMO.

Foodbeast writer Constantine Spyrou shared a photo of the goods via Instagram on Thursday, and he shared more intel on what exactly they are. For the Reaper Ranch Fries, their name comes from a key ingredient in the ranch sauce. It uses the Carolina Reaper, which is one of the spiciest chili peppers out there. That being the case, we're not surprised Constantine says it "packs a serious punch!"

If you opt for the supreme version of Rattlesnake Fries, you'll also get nacho cheese, seasoned beef, diced tomatoes and sour cream with your fries and Reaper Ranch sauce, according to Chew Boom. The price tag on that option is $2.49. Otherwise, you can buy the non-supreme fries for $1.29, Delish reports.

As for Rattlesnake Fries, they include both nacho cheese sauce and jalapeño sauce, plus steak and pickled jalapeños. They can be ordered as the Rattlesnake Burrito if you want them to come inside a tortilla. Both sell for $2.99, according to Delish.

For those of us who don't live within easy reach of these new fries, there is a silver lining: Taco Bell is extended the limited run of its Nacho Fries, so we'll have those to curb our cravings.


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