This is What Your Go-To Taco Bell Sauce Says About Your Personality

Every Taco Bell-lover has a favorite sauce.

After years of perfecting the ultimate TB order, everyone knows which sauce is most compatible with their taste buds.

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But did you ever realize that this go-to sauce says volumes about your personality? Scroll below to find out what your fave sauce says about you:

Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde lovers, you're the romantics of the bunch. While this sauce may be discontinued it will stay in your hearts forever as the one that got away. What stands out about this sauce is the tang rather than the heat. You're a quirky individual who stands out from the crowd without needing to be in the spotlight. You're perfectly content being exactly who you are… because who you are is delicious. While you may always have one foot in the past, you'll always be remembered by those you meet.

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The Mild sauce has a sweeter and tangier flavor than its hotter counterparts—just like you. You've probably been called the "mom" of your group countless times as your slightly more conservative disposition lends itself to taking care of others. After all, when your friends drench their T-Bell in Diablo sauce, who's there to clean up the mess? You. While your thoughtfulness may precede you, you definitely have a side that is up for adventure… as long as you're in control of the time, date, place, meal prep and guest list.

Second date?

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This Hot sauce is bold. There's no other word for it. It packs a punch and isn't fooling around when it comes to bringing the heat. Just like this hot sauce flavor, you're a straightforward person who doesn't try to dim her own light. You're determined and you deliver, making you a very dependable friend to others. You're loud and proud of it, enjoying the spotlight at all times. While you may be too much for some people, you don't bother yourself with drama and always look forward.

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This sauce is extra and so are you. You are a passionate person who lives by the phrase, "Actions speak louder than words." Always up for fun, Fire sauce is your favorite because it's anything but a tame time. You're an ideas person and, to be honest, you're not really into this whole Netflix binge-watching culture. You'd rather get up and go… anywhere. Your spontaneity borders on impatience, but what can you say? You just wanna have fun.

I love you to Taco Bell and back.

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If there's one thing that you and Taco Bell's Diablo sauce have in common, it's that you're both firecrackers. With this sauce, you get an initial burst of spices followed by a surprisingly hot aftertaste. It's the one-two punch of hot sauces. You are just as unpredictable as the sauce you drench your food in and even more exciting. You're a risk-taker and enjoy living on the wild side. Others have to try hard to keep up with you because you don't slow down for anybody. Sometimes this characteristic can make you a lone wolf but you'll always have one very close friend who's your partner in crime.

Get on my level. #????

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Breakfast Salsa

This brand new sauce may have many scratching their heads, but you've already fallen head over heels in love. This salsa promises to be less spicy than other TB sauces but still packs a light kick in the morning. It goes without saying that breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, but while your preference for eggs-n-things remains steadfast, we can't say the same about everything in life. You like to try new things, which means you're constantly jumping from one favorite to the next. You're always the first to know about a new restaurant or Starbucks fad and have an opinion on it all. Your friends probably consider you their Yelp review and ask for your input before trying something new.


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