Here Are the Best Ways to Celebrate National Take a Chance Day This Weekend

In honor of National Take a Chance Day this Sun., April 23, we suggest you do just that—take a chance.

Life is too short to not try new things, so come on, be bold, be brave and take a risk by performing one of the following actions below.


1. Tell Your Crush How You Feel About Them

If there's any day to reveal your true feelings to your crush, today is the day. If they've been on your mind constantly and you're not sure how they feel about you, this is your opportunity to take things into your own hands and ask them if they reciprocate the same feelings. No more wondering!

Teen girl and guy talking in the park

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2. Conquer a Fear

Whether you're scared of snakes, heights or even just spending time alone, National Take a Chance Day is the time to overcome one (or multiple) fear(s). Step outside of your comfort zone by visiting a reptile zoo, rock climbing or going to the movies alone. You won't conquer your fears if you don't try.


3. Try a New Food

Are you a picky eater? Not today! Go to a local restaurant with a cuisine you've never tried or that interests you and indulge. You won't regret it.


4. Do Something Wild to Your Hair

If you feel like you're in a rut with your personal style, it's time to make a bold and drastic hair transformation. If you've been thinking about a fun cut and color, now is the time.

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5. Mix Up Your Clothing Style

Wearing the same type of clothing day in and day out can get old. If you normally wear solid and dark colors, try going with colorful and floral. Take a risk and see how it makes you feel.


6. Apply for Your Dream Internship

Take a Chance Day is all about going after what you really want. Dream big today and apply for that summer internship you've been thinking about all year. It's time to make your dreams a reality.

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7. Reconnect With Someone You Lost Touch With

This day is the perfect opportunity to give someone you lost touch with or had a falling out with a second chance. Reach out to that someone via text or a phone call and see if a connection is still there. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of bravery and confidence to rekindle a relationship.


Our girl Ashley, took a chance and conquered her fear of snakes. Could you do the same? Check out her amazing experience HERE.