A Definitive Ranking of Taylor Swift's 10 Biggest Hits

Taylor Swift is an absolute icon in the world of music.

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In fact, she's so popular that her fans are always on the lookout for new music, creating some truly complex and improbable fan theories about her potential album releases in the process.

While we're not sure about the exact drop date for TS7, we can keep our T-Swift love alive by taking a walk through her music history. Keep reading for our definitive ranking of Taylor Swift's 10 biggest hits (based on Billboard charts).

10. 'Shake It Off'

"Shake It Off" is a catchy tune—there's no getting around that. Unfortunately, it's just not our favorite T-Swift song. In truth, it gets kind of annoying after a short while. It's also very simplistic, especially in comparison to some of Taylor's other hits. It's fine if you need a quick pump-up song, but her other music presents a deeper, more complex side of the singer that we happen to like more than this popular tune.

9. 'Bad Blood'

Much like "Shake It Off," "Bad Blood" simply doesn't impress us. It's very repetitive and incredibly divergent from Taylor's classically sweet lyrics. Plus, we were already so over the Katy Perry feud by the time this song came out. There was nothing particularly exciting about this tune, especially since it played into drama no one asked for in the first place.

8. 'Today Was a Fairytale'

We love us some old school T-Swift. But while "Today Was a Fairytale" is a sweet tune, it isn't anything ground-breaking. By the time this song came out, Taylor already made her romantic approach to love very clear. Unfortunately, other tracks captured her rom-com levels of romance in a more profound way. In comparison, this song was a superficial interpretation of her sentimental nature. It's cute, but we definitely wouldn't have it on any of our T-Swift playlists.

7. 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever'

This collaboration with Zayn definitely marked a new sound for Taylor. The pair's voices blend beautifully, and the tune is full of sweet and heartfelt lyrics. We like it, but we don't love it. Zayn'incredibly high pitch grates on our ears after a while and the sound becomes a little tiresome after a few verses. We can pop this tune on every now and then, but truthfully we prefer Taylor on her own.

6. 'You Belong With Me'

When we think classic Taylor Swift, "You Belong With Me" is one of the first songs that comes to mind. It's very reminiscent of Taylor's music in her early days—a relatable song about the pitfalls of high school relationships. While the lyrics become a little more ridiculous as we get older, we still have a lot of love for this tune. It's songs like these that make Taylor so popular. She knows how to capture common problems in a way that makes her audience feel heard, so we'll forever have a soft spot for this tune.

5. 'Blank Space'

It took us a little while to get on board with Taylor's new vibe in her 1989 album. Instead of her typical pop-country sound, she embraced strong beats and uncommon instruments in her music. While we weren't fully on board at first, "Blank Space" definitely changed our minds. It still has enough of the old Taylor hidden within the lyrics, but it combines perfectly with her new sound to create a tune we could sing along to any day.

4. 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'

Sometimes Taylor releases songs that make you want to cry and text every single one of your exes. While other times, her tunes make you want to scream the lyrics and head out for a girls' night with all your best pals. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is one of the latter. It's not deep like some of our other favorite tunes, but it's just plain fun. Instead of sobbing and reaching for a gallon of ice cream, this song makes us want to totally forget every single person who was even a little bit mean to us. With that kind of empowering feeling, you just can't help but love this song.

3. 'Look What You Made Me Do'

TBH, when we first heard "Look What You Made Me Do" our reaction was "excuse me?" What happened to our sweet and lovable T-Swift? But as we listened again (and again and again), the tune grew on us. It's different, there's no denying that. But it's also pretty savage. We've embraced the new Taylor, which means we do kind of love this song. Sorry, not sorry.

2. 'I Knew You Were Trouble'

"I Knew You Were Trouble" came out right at the height of dubstep's popularity. While the rest of this genre has kind of faded into the background, we can't help but maintain our love for this tune. It has Taylor's signature super-relatable lyrics, but it's also a totally dance-worthy tune. It's the perfect song to rock out to after a breakup, especially because it captures the perfect balance of sad and angry.

1. 'Mine'

We like to consider "Mine" the best of the best when it comes to Taylor Swift. This song has it all—a catchy beat, heartfelt lyrics and a sweet message. It's the kind of tune that made us fall in love with Taylor's sweet view of love, and it totally embraces everything else about her in the process. This song is easily one of our absolute faves, so it only makes sense that everyone else seemed to love it, too.



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