I Gave Taylor Swift a DARING Coloring Book Makeover—Do You Like the Results?

In case you're unfamiliar with the pop-culture phenom known as the Colour Me… collection, I'm about to take you behind the books.

Hastings, UK-based artist, writer and publisher Mel Elliott has been designing celebrity and trend-driven coloring books for years—and I recently had some fun in our Sweety High headquarters, shading in three of our editorial department'fave folks (spoiler alert: There's a major makeover involved at the very bottom).

It was quite the fun activity, but obviously proceed with caution, as I am pretty much a novice in the coloring department.



1. Ryan Gosling

As if R.G. couldn't get any more swoon-worthy, he's posing with a dog, for crying out loud. Cue the awws on overload. Oh, and that vibrantly colored coat? I just had to liven up that white tee.

2. Eddie Redmayne

Our fave Fantastic Beasts character kept things a little more low-key for this little "photo opp" of ours. Sure, we love him in his coat and trousers, but we also can't say no to an adorable dude in a solid-colored T-shirt. Ooh, la la.


3. Taylor Swift

And for the biggest makeover of them all! Obviously Ms. Swift has done dark lips before (her goth-chic look at the Met Gala was on point!), but I took things a step further, giving the "Blank Space" superstar a pastel-pink mane to accompany bold blue lips and dark, black eyeliner. Not sure how to classify this look. Fair to say I let my crayons take my away? I got lost in my deep art? Either way, I love seeing the typically subdued starlet rocking a bold look—and quite frankly, I think the pink hair suits her quite well.



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