The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Taylor Swift-Lovin' Lady

Chances are you've come here because either A.) You love Taylor Swift, or B.) Someone you're close with loves Taylor Swift.

Well, fortunately for you, you've come to the right place.

In honor of T. Swizzle's birthday today (and the approaching holidays), we're providing you the ultimate Tay gift guide. Whether you're gifting one of these items to someone else or snagging one for yourself, you can't go wrong.

Scroll below to see the 13 lucky gifts that made the cut!

Taylor Swift Pin: $9

Hello, cutest pin ever. Honesty, every proud Swifty should be rocking this thing.

Taylor Swift pin

(via Etsy)


Misheard Lyrics Pencils: $3

If you're a true Tay fan, you know all of her misheard lyrics. These pencils are the perfect tribute to "Blank Space."

Starbucks Lovers pencils

(via Etsy)


Shake it Off Watch: $33.60

If you want to gift a timeless present (pun intended), this "Shake it Off" watch will do just the trick.

Shake it Off Watch

(via Etsy)


Taylor Swift Lyric Print: $10

Finally make it "Out of the Woods" by purchasing this gorgeous lyric print that will add a pop of color to any room.

Taylor Swift lyric print

(via Etsy)


Haters Gonna Hate Mug: $20

Any Swift fan will appreciate this simple, yet chic mug that will help them "shake off" any negative energy right from the beginning of the day.

Haters Gonna Hate mug

(via Etsy)


Stylish Tote: $25

This tote will never go out of style in our opinion.

Taylor Swift-inspired tote

(via Etsy)


Enchanted Bracelet: $7.99

This delicate bracelet will remind any diehard fan of Taylor's Speak Now album. The best ever. ????

Enchanted to Meet You Bracelet

(via Etsy)



Red Lip Shirt: $26.95

Every Taylor Swift fan knows how important her signature red lip is to her look… and therefore, every fan will obviously adore this shirt.

Red Lip Taylor Swift T-Shirt

(via Etsy)


 1989 Album Blanket: $39.89

Get cozy in this blanket that looks just like her 1989 album. Amazing.

Taylor Swift 1989 blanket

(via Taylor


Out of the Woods Computer Decal: $31.25

Swift fan or not, this "Out of the Woods" computer decal is absolutely stunning and will help set your MacBook apart from the sea of other Macs at school.

Out of the Woods computer decal

(via Red Bubble)


Lyric Phone Case: $25

As a tribute to the eerie but fabulous song "I Know Places," why not gift this stylish phone case?

Hunters/Foxes Phone Case

(via Red Bubble)


Fearless Pillow: $20

For your friend who loves decorating, this is the perfect pillow to give them. Throwback to Tay's Fearless album!

Taylor Swift fearless pillow

(via Red Bubble)


Lucky 13 Stamped Necklace: $37.50

And finally, in honor of Taylor's favorite number, gift this classic stamped 13 necklace. Even non-Swifties can appreciate this.

Lucky 13 necklace

(via Etsy)


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