Whimsical Taylor Swift Lyrics to Use as Winter Instagram Captions

When we're having trouble understanding our own thoughts and feelings, Taylor Swift always seems to have us covered.

Whether we're dealing with agonizing heartbreak, true friendship or even a change in the seasons, Taylor has a song for it. In fact, with the arrival of winter, there have been a few Taylor Swift tracks we've been turning to again and again to capture the spirit of the season. If you can relate, be sure to keep scrolling to check out our favorite Taylor Swift lyrics to use as Instagram captions.

For the pic of you and that person who always brightens your chillest days:

"My love had been frozen deep blue, but you painted me golden."

-"Dancing With Our Hands Tied"


For when you're stuck inside in the winter and don't know what to do:

"My winter nights are taken up by static."

-"Christmas Tree Farm"


For when the winter sky is gloomy and grey:

"Sadness became my whole sky."



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For when snow falls on the sand, and it's weird but freakin' beautiful:

"Now it's like snow at the beach"

-"Snow on the Beach"


For the one you feel like you just couldn't live without:

"Forever winter if you go."

-"Forever Winter"


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For the cute selfie in your biggest, warmest coat:

"It's getting cold.  I've got my big coat on."

-"The Best Day"


For the snowy shot that's extra lonely because your special someone isn't there:

"And everything is icy and blue, and you would be there too."

-"Christmas Tree Farm"


For that chilly selfie that's also throwing shade at an unnamed someone:

"I've never been anywhere cold as you."

-"Cold As You"


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For the cute pic of you and your S.O. each wearing one matching glove:

"Sidewalk chalk covered in snow. Lost my gloves, you give me one."

-"It's Nice to Have a Friend"


For that bustling winter shot in the city:

"Walkin' through a crowd, the village is aglow. Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats."

-"Welcome to New York"


For when you're dolled up in your glittering NYE best:

"Best believe I'm still bejeweled when I walk in the room."



For when you're going for a dip, despite the frigid temperatures:

"Long limbs and frozen swims."



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For that ultra-cozy picture of you looking outside of the snow:

"They're warm and they're safe. They wake to see a blanket of snow."

-"Christmas Tree Farm"


For that pic of you being a warm and sunny soul, even in the dead of winter:

"Livin' in winter, I am your summer."



For when you're craving the heat and nostalgia of warmer times:

"Summer went away. Still the yearning stays."

-"You're On Your Own, Kid"


For when it's just too darn cold outside:

"I walked through the door with you. The air was cold."

-"All Too Well"


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For when it's winter and you just wish it'd snow already:

"Everything I want is miles away in a snow-covered little town."

-"Christmases When You Were Mine"


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