Stand Out On Teacher Appreciation Day With These Clever Gifts

Teachers rarely get the appreciation they deserve, which is why we are pulling out all the stops this Teacher Appreciation Day to show them how much we care.

Instead of giving the same ol' gifts that will blend in with the background, put a clever spin on some classic choices. This assortment is sure to boost your status to Teacher's Pet.

Scroll below to find your favorite gift:

Headmaster's Office Candle: $18

If you're gonna give a candle, make it count. Candles are lovely gifts, sure, but teachers usually have such a surplus they could open up their own shop. If you know that your fave teacher is particularly into Harry Potter, gift a Headmaster's Office-scented candle to make their room smell of cedar wood, vanilla, lemon and fireplace.

Headmaster's Office scented candle

(via Etsy)


DIY Bath Salts

Being a teacher is exhausting. Especially by the end of the year. Show your superior that you really care by making some DIY bath salts that will bring all the relaxation vibes your teacher desperately needs. While you could just buy any old salts at the store, the DIY option allows you to give the gift a personal touch.

Lavender scented bath salts DIY

(via A Splash of Vanilla)


Grammar Pencils: $10

Funny joke + useful school supplies all in one gift? Your English teacher will go nuts over these smarty pants pencils.

Grammar pencils in shades of green

(via Etsy)


Math Pencils: $10

Don't think we forgot about the math teachers! If there's anything worse than dad jokes, it may be teacher jokes…

Math related pencils in black

(via Etsy)


Student Tears Mug: $14.95+

Everyone and their mom (literally) will be giving mugs as gifts. If you choose to go down the mug route, make sure yours stands out from the rest by selecting something that both you and your teacher will laugh over. This mug really says it all.

Mug that says, "Tears of my students"

(via Etsy)


Gift Cards

Is there really anything a teacher could want more than gift cards? Probably not. Sure, it's not be the most personal gift, but your teachers may just forget to dock a few missed answers on your next text after receiving gift cards for Starbucks, Barnes and Noble or a movie theater.

Starbucks Teacher Appreciation gift cards

(via Starbucks)


Caffeine Necklace: $23.90

Yes, the rumors are true, teachers do in fact live on caffeine. This gift is great for your science teacher who enjoys the finer things in life… like coffee and jewelry.

Caffeine molecule necklace

(via Box Lunch)


School Supply Bouquet: $10.87

While colorful flowers are a lovely gift, your teacher may prefer something a little more permanent. Instead of a bouquet of carnations, get them an assortment of dry erase markers, colored pencils or pens.

Open the packages and place the supplies in a mason jar vase or tie them with a ribbon to make one large bouquet. It'll be the most beautiful arrangement they've ever seen.

Assortment of dry erase markers

(via Amazon)


Class Tote

With patches or puff paint, display your class period in the center of the tote and then get each student in the class to sign the bag. Your teacher will never be able to forget your crazy class when they use the tote for books and sparkling report cards.


Personalized Pins: $9.34+

A little flair never hurt anybody! If you have a hip teacher who actually follows fashion trends, a lapel pin can be the perfect gift for whatever subject your favorite teacher schools you on daily. Consider a Bill Nye the Science Guy pin for your chem teacher or a reference to your English teacher's favorite book, like this Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy inspired pin.  

Bill Nye pin

(via Etsy)

'I know where my towel is' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy pin

(via Etsy)


Lapel Collar Clips: $16

These book-themed collar clips will have your teacher appreciating you. 

Set of 2 "I love books" collar clips

(via Etsy)


Surprise Pizza Party

At the end of the day, aren't we all just wishing for a surprise pizza party to be thrown in our honor? Instead of giving a gift, make a memory that will last forever. I mean, have you seen the gross lunches teachers throw together for themselves? It's sad, just so sad.


Gifts are great but some teachers would rather see you take action. If your favorite teacher's only wish is to see you go green, get some inspo from THESE eco-friendly celebs.