10 Cheeky Tech Accessories to Up Your School Swag

Doesn't it feel like you've been in school forever already? And it's not even Halloween.

The best way to cure the midyear blues is with some swanky new tech gear that will get you noticed in the hallway. Whether it's a pair of unique headphones to groove to tunes between classes, or an iPhone case that just might help you get noticed by your crush, here are 10 of the cheekiest tech accessories we just can't quit.

1. Prismatic Back Up Charger: $35

Can't seem to make it through a full school day without your phone dying? Social media takes a major toll on our phone batteries, so we suggest investing in a super cute back-up charger like this prismatic one.

Prismatic back-up phone charger by Band.o

(via Bando)


2. Tablet Stand: $40

Okay, how genius is this?!? A tablet stand that you can use just about anywhere, even in bed! We will definitely be treating ourselves to a Stranger Things marathon under the covers after finishing our homework this week, thanks to this gadget.

Urban Outfitters Tablet Stand

(via Urban Outfitters)


3. Emoji Key Board: $25

Do you ever wonder how dirty your keyboard is? We're taking matters into our own hands (literally) by snagging this cute, emoji keyboard protector. The coolest part? You can download the software and use 300 classic Emojis in any Mac app.

Urban Outfitters Emoji Keyboard Cover

(via Urban Outfitters)


4. Love Potion Phone Case: $25

Have a new crush? Then you need a little love potion in your life! This cheeky iPhone case comes with an "instant, crush-inducing love potion" with a "new formula." Why not give it a try?

Love Potion Band.o iPhone Case

(via Bando)


5. Donut Loose Your Keys: $3

Get it? This strawberry frosting donut keychain is good enough to eat.

Donut keychain holder Brandy Melville

(via Brandy Melville)


6. iRing Phone Holder: $15

These iRings are multifunctional. They allow you to prop up your phone so you can watch viral videos with ease, and they make your phone easy to hold with one hand. Win, win!

iRing iPhone holder Amazon

(via Amazon)


7. Kitty Cat Headphones: $46

Spruce up your headphone game with these rose gold kitty headphones. You'll look super cute while grooving to your fave tunes.

Rosegold ear headphones

(via Digital Shopping Channel)


8. Light Up LuMee Case: $55

Want the perfect selfie? Than you need to get yourself a LuMee case. Prepare to light up your Instagram feed, and your friends who pose by your side will thank you as well.

LuMee iPhone light up case

(via LuMee)


9. UGH Laptop Case: $20

Let your laptop case do the talking on those sluggish Mondays when it's hard to get out of bed. This "UGH" lamp laptop skin will keep your computer in tip-top shape, even when you might be a little under the weather.

UGH Laptop case from Society6

(via Society6)


10. Rosegold Cord Taco: $12

Need a way to organize your headphones? Look no further than this rose gold cord taco. This is the ideal way to keep your cords tangle free.

Rosegold Cord Taco Holder Anthropolgie

(via Anthropologie)


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