What We Learned From the "Teen Beach 2" Soundtrack

Teen Beach 2 premiered last week, and in addition to being one of the greatest musicals of all time, it actually taught us a lot about life, love and friendship. Here are just a few of the life lessons we learned from the Teen Beach 2 soundtrack, plus the music videos in case you want to put them on endless replay (which of course you do!).

"Best Summer Ever"

The summer just wouldn't be the same without your friends and loved ones by your side. Keep an open mind about friendship because opposites attract!

"On My Own"

Heartbreak is tough, but when all seems lost, you've got to learn to depend on yourself. If you learn how to be a one-man band and make it on your own, you'll learn how to be even stronger when you're reunited with the people you care about. You'll make it through! 

"Right Where I Wanna Be"

Lela gets kind of a culture shock when she's transported from the movie Wet Side Story into the real world, where she learns girls can be whatever they want to be and not an old-fashioned movie stereotype. The song is all about finding your own power and happiness in any surroundings.

"Fallin for Ya"

"Fallin for Ya" was originally meant to be sung by Lela, and when she fails to do so, she breaks the movie's plot line. When CheeChee takes over, interrupted every other line by Seacat, the clear message is that you can't fake love!

"Twist Your Frown Upside Down"

Suddenly getting drawn into a musical can be SUPER disturbing if you're a normal kid who lives in the real world. Even so, you should definitely spend more time working those 43 muscles in your face to form a smile.

"Silver Screen"

It's not easy finding out you're actually a fictional character from a classic movie.

"Gotta Be Me"

Above all things, it's important for you to do you. Always be true to yourself and you'll find that when you join up with others, you'll be able to accomplish even greater things than you could when you were apart.

"Meant to Be"

Real life > the movies, always. Because real life has real emotion and none of that fake movie stuff. Also, Ross Lynch is sweeter than a chocolate shake, apparently.

"That's How We Do"

Change can be scary, but it's important to embrace it. Your decisions shape your destiny more than you know. And last but not least, there's nothing wrong with breaking into song and dance every once in a while.

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