Tennis Warrior Serena Williams Should Be Your #WCW

Tennis star (and all around stellar female athlete) Serena Williams blew everyone's mind when she won her sixth Wimbledon title over the weekend, an accomplishment that doesn't happen every day. For this reason, and plenty more, we have decided to make Serena our #WCW of the week. And you'll definitely want to make her your #WCW after you read this post!

Not only was it Serena's sixth Wimbledon win, it was also her 21st Grand Slam title. This means she's won 21 times in the four most important tennis tournaments of all time!


Oh, and she's won all four of those titles in a single sweep TWICE. How does one even?


She even has some pretty rad supporters, including Taylor Swift, J.K. Rowling and Colton Haynes.


But no celeb supporter comes close to her sister Venus. The way these two are always cheering each other on is def #SiblingGoals. Serena posted this pic with her sister on Instagram with the caption: "There's nothing I would not do for this brave inspirational woman @venuswilliams how fortunate I am to have u as my sister. 💋❤️ #sisters"


Serena is always using her celebrity for good any chance she gets. She's worked with plenty of amazing foundations like UNICEF to work towards equal education for everyone.


When she's not busy winning every tennis match ever or trying to change the world, she spends time coaching the tennis stars of the future. Serena is even nice enough to give them personalized feedback–amazing!

And her selfie game is certainly one of the strongest selfie games we have ever seen.


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