7 Text Replies That Mean Your Crush Isn't Interested

Trying to decode your crush's texts requires an FBI-level analysis.

If they add an extra "y" onto their "hey" does that mean they're really into you? If they wait a few hours to respond are they playing hard to get? Is "k" different than "okay"?!

While your focus might be on pushing your conversation towards a relationship, your crush might be desperately trying to communicate that they're just not that into you. But how do you know?

Well, you have to read between the lines. Keep scrolling for seven text replies that mean your crush isn't interested.


To answer the above question: Yes, "k" is different than "okay." Shouldn't we all know this by now? While it's silly that you can communicate different tones with different styles of texting, you absolutely can. "K" automatically sounds angry and/or bored. Beyond that, it's also by far the laziest response your crush could come up with. And don't try to talk yourself into believing that's just their texting style. Everyone knows that simply sending "k" is rude. If your crush sends this response, they're trying to shut down the conversation without ignoring you completely. Take the hint and move on.

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"LOL" is basically "k," but a little kinder. Since everyone knows that it's rude to send that singular letter, your crush might default to a simple "lol." But trust us—they're not really laughing. Much like "k," "lol" doesn't contribute anything to the conversation. For goodness sake, they couldn't even take the time to capitalize it! If your crush is interested in you, they're going to ask questions and generally try to keep the convo going. "lol" doesn't have a nefarious meaning, but it certainly doesn't communicate that they're interested in talking to you. If this is all they can come up with in response to your text messages, sorry babe—they're just not that into you.


One Word Responses

"K" and "lol" are the most egregious examples, but any sort of one-word response should be a red flag. Once again, it communicates a lack of effort. Do you see a theme here? Yes, effort. If your crush is interested in you, they will put in the effort to move their relationship forward, no matter how shy or awkward they might be. If you're chatting over text and they can't muster up anything but a one-word reply, they don't really care about the conversation. If they don't care about the conversation, they're not all that interested in you. Otherwise, they would be jumping up and down at the chance to chat.

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"Oh, that's cool."

What does it take to move a conversation forward? Questions! Does this reply ask you anything? No! If you're asking your crush all kinds of personal questions and they're responding to your inquiries, it might feel like you're on top of the world. But have they asked you anything about yourself? 

We'll admit this is a bit of a gray area. Sometimes people get caught up in themselves and forget to ask questions about others. If your crush is otherwise engaging in the conversation, they might actually be interested in you. At the same time, if they're not asking you about yourself, they're not actually interested in getting to know who you are. And do you really want to date someone who couldn't care less about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.? Probably not.


"Can't talk, grounded."

Have you ever texted your crush, only to find out they're always in trouble? Or at soccer practice? Or simply busy with homework? Yeah, that means they're avoiding you. While this short text is our example, the excuses message can take many forms. The important thing to pay attention to is the frequency with which they tell you they can't chat. If they're busy every now and then, you can't blame them for that. But if they're occupied every single time you reach out to them, they're simply not interested in talking to you.

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"Sorry, I was busy."

Sometimes your crush won't make an excuse as to why they can't talk right away. Instead, they won't respond for hours and hours, and then they'll randomly hit you with this message. Now, it's totally okay to be busy. Everyone's busy—you shouldn't expect your crush to answer you within seconds every time you text. However, a crush who's actually interested in you will elaborate a bit on why they couldn't text you back. Leaving it at "I was busy" doesn't really give you any information as to why they blew you off for hours. That's because your crush doesn't really care that they didn't respond. You're not their priority and they don't feel the need to offer you an explanation. It's sad but true.


No Response

Of course, the ultimate sign that your crush isn't really that into you is no response at all. While they may have a valid reason for not replying, it's always better to err on the side of caution and just assume they're not that into you. Remember that someone who likes you will find a way to show you. They'll pursue you on their own, which means they'll put actual effort into your conversations. There's nothing worse than chasing after someone who simply isn't interested. If your crush doesn't respond, assume the worst and find someone new to obsess over.


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