12 Texts You Can Send Instead of Ghosting Someone

When you decide you're just not that into someone, it'so tempting to just ghost them.

We get it. In fact, we've done it—ghosting is just so easy. However, while it keeps you from having a difficult conversation, it also leaves the person you're ghosting totally confused, without the opportunity to gain any closure about your relationship.

That's why there might be a better way to cut off your romance, instead of just disappearing into thin air. Keep scrolling for 12 texts you can send instead of ghosting someone.

For the person that you've only been on one date with:

"I had a nice time, but I just don't think we're a match. It was nice meeting you."

Cheryl kissing Archie on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)


For the person you've been on a few dates with, but nothing too serious:

"Even though I've had so much fun getting to know you, I've been thinking about it and I just don't think we're super compatible. Just want you to know where I'm at."


For the person who's way more into you than you are into them:

"I just want to let you know I'm not really looking for anything serious right now. We can still hang out as friends, though."


For the person who just asked you out again:

"To be honest, I don't think we're really a good fit for each other. Thank you for the offer!"


For the person who you're struggling to be honest with:

"I'm going through some stuff right now and I don't I can really commit to dating anyone. Hope you understand."


(Riverdale via The CW)


For the person you're actually being honest with:

"I like you, but I'm too busy to put the effort we would need into our relationship. Maybe there's hope for us in the future, though."


For the person who you still want to remain friends with:

"I love hanging out with you, but I think I feel more of a friend vibe between us. Would love to hang out again as friends, if you're interested."


For the person who wasn't as good as the person you really like:

"I think you're great, but I met someone recently and I really want to focus on that relationship. Thanks for understanding."


For the person you've been dating for a little while:

"I realize I may have made this seem more serious, but the more we've hung out the more I've realized that there's something missing. I hate to do this to you, but I hope you understand."

Riverdale: Betty laying in bed texting

(Riverdale via The CW)


For the person who honestly kind of annoyed you:

"I don't really see any chemistry between us. Best of luck in the future."


For the person who definitely isn't on the same page you are:

"I had a great time, but I think it's obvious we're looking for different things. Hope you find yours!"


For the person who just didn't have the spark:

"I had a nice time, but I just didn't feel the spark. Sorry to end it so soon, but I'm sure you're on the same page."


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