11 Flirty Texts to Send Your Sagittarius Crush

Texting your crush isn't always easy. There's a lot of pressure to say the right thing, and not to make a fool of yourself.

Luckily for all of us, astrology can give us a little insight into the personality of our crushes and provide some helpful guidance. If you're crushing hard on a Sagittarius, here are nine flirty texts you can send them to really get the conversation rolling.

'That new restaurant in town looks interesting. You up for an adventure?

Sagittarius loves trying new things and can't stand being seen as anything but totally adventurous—and your odds for a positive result increase drastically when you combine the two. If a new and unusual restaurant has just opened up, use it as the perfect opportunity to invite them out and allow them to prove that they're truly up for anything. They're not chicken, are they?


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'Truth or dare?'

Your Sagittarius crush won't be able to resist a playful game of truth or dare. After all, they're well-known for their sense of honesty as well as their bravery, so they'll be willing participants either way. If they go with "truth," ask them something personal and get them to spill their truth to you. If they pick "dare," see if you can arrange some personal time with them. A true Sag personality won't back down from either.


'I like you. What are you going to do about it?'

Sagittarius may be the most straightforward sign of the zodiac, and they expect their potential partners to be open and candid with them, as well. This might be a slightly scary text to send, but it will definitely catch their attention and make them acknowledge your courage in saying how you feel. Even if they haven't necessarily been romantically interested in you in the past, you might just change their mind simply because you were willing to put yourself out there. If they do already like you, you'll probably get quite the response.


'What's your favorite joke?'

Sags are known for their keen senses of humor and knack for storytelling, and if you ask them to tell you their favorite joke, they probably have something hilarious loaded up and ready to go. Not only does this give you an idea of the type of things they find funny, but it also gives them a chance to flex their comedic muscles—and it's an awesome way to break the ice. Have a favorite joke of your own ready in case they ask. That's always a good sign.


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'Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving?'

Are you the adventurous type who loves to get your adrenaline pumping? Many Sags are the same way, and the question above is a great way to not just show your crush that you're up for all kinds of daring pursuits, but that you're curious about theirs, too. This line of questioning just might get you talking about the scariest things you've done and what's still left on your bucket lists—or you may find that they're not the biggest daredevil, and that's great to know, too.


'What do you think is the meaning of life?'

This is a huge question that might sound a little out there, but it's exactly the type of philosophical thought that a Sagittarius loves to ponder. They also love to hear themselves talk (or type), and this open-ended topic will allow them to rant and ramble on the subject for as long as they see fit. While they get the chance to show you their true nature, they get to feel like they're truly being heard. You can learn a lot about people by just letting them talk.


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'You're cute. We should hang out.'

Sagittarius loves a bit of flirting, and the more direct it is, the better. Not only will they be flattered, but they'll also be intrigued by your offer. Don't be too scared of letting them know what you really think of them, and recommend an activity that appeals to their active nature. When you take the initiative, they'll have a hard time saying no.


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'I had fun today. Let's meet again tomorrow?'

Sagittarius doesn't like to play games, so don't worry about playing it cool and waiting a long time before texting them back and letting them know you enjoyed their company. They want to know if you also had a good time, and want you to be upfront with them and tell them how the situation is going and where you want it to go next. And as always, if you can plan another little journey for them, they'll nearly always be game.


'This reminded me of you…'

The next time you see a compelling photo of someone doing something incredible and daring, don't be afraid to text it to your Sagittarius crush and let them know it made you think of them. Not only will it slightly inflate their ego, but it'll also show your intentions and remind them that they're in your thoughts. If you can help them feel like they can do anything they set their mind to, they'll chase that emotion and want to spend more time with you.


'I'll never give you a combination birthday-Christmas gift.'

With their birthdays falling right ahead of the holiday season, Sagittarians can sometimes get the raw end of the deal when it comes to birthday gifts. Most people will combine the two holidays for gifts that feel like half the effort, so one way to show them you're thinking of them is to promise to never do such a thing. Birthdays and Christmas are separate, darnit, and by celebrating them each with the appropriate energy, you can show them just how much you care.


'What are you into right now?'

One of the best ways to truly get to know someone is to discover their truest passions, and few signs are more passionate than Sagittarius. They'll be able to speak at length about the things that excite them most, whether it's an academic pursuit, a creative endeavor or just a piece of pop culture that they can't stop thinking about. Pay attention and explore the subject matter alongside them in order to form a bond, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't know anything about it. They'll appreciate curiosity a lot more than a lie that you already know all about it.


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'I know it's last-minute, but any chance you can meet for me ice cream in 30?'

Sagittarius loves spontaneity, and they have a hard time resisting an invite that feels immediate. For Sag, the FOMO is real, and you can use that to your advantage to get real results. Of course, not everyone can drop what they're doing and be somewhere in half an hour. If the timing doesn't work out for them, try to reschedule. Either way, it'll stick in their head that you were willing to make a plan of attack and reach out first. That can take you a long way.


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