The Anti-Acne Club Is the Natural Supplement That May Solve All Your Skin Woes

While it's been years since I've been super prone to acne and breakouts, I do deal with the occasional annoying zit from time to time.

I know—I have nothing to complain about—but that doesn't mean that I'm not interested in pursuing the path to even clearer skin. For me, that's mostly sticking to my skincare routine, washing my face with water before applying a toner, mist, serum and moisturizer, plus an SPF in the mornings. Of course, I'm aware that everything from diet to hormones also plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin.

Enter The Anti-Acne Club. The brand makes a powerful multivitamin that acts as a skincare supplement, promising users a solution that tackles acne-causing problems from within, rather than reacting to it once it appears. When the brand reached out to me, I couldn't resist the chance to try them. Here's how my experience has gone thus far.

The Club

Anti-Acne Club's supplements are packed with 11 dermatologist-approved vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients to treat everything from hormonal acne to inflammation and redness before they start, helping you rid your skin of bad oil and bacteria while also helping cells regenerate, so you can get over acne faster. Everything is also effective and completely natural.

These ingredients are diindolylmethane, which maintains hormonal balance and prevents overproduction of sebum, coconut oil powder for killing acne-causing bacteria, vitamin B5 to help breakdown oils and sebum, zinc and vitamin E for reducing the appearance of spots, vitamin A and vitamin D to help cell regeneration and scar healing, selenium for relieving oxidative stress, copper for making up for any copper lost by the addition of zinc and black pepper extract to increase the bioavailability of all of the ingredients above. Phew! Each one plays a key role in making these vitamins work to their full potential. While some people will see a dramatic change in their skin after taking them for just a couple of weeks, for others, it can take eight to 12 weeks. It all depends on the person and their skincare needs.

They're also vegan, non-GMO and made right here in the United States. Best of all, if they don't work out for you after 90 days, the brand has a money-back guarantee. They cost $35 for one bottle, or a month one-month supply, while three bottles sell for $90 or six bottles sell for $150. The brand supplied me with a six-month supply of the vitamins to try myself, but asked to share my thoughts after a month of use.


The Vitamins

The brand recommends taking two capsules a day with food, so on my first day, I had a light breakfast and then took my first round of The Anti-Acne Club capsules. The first thing I must say about these vitamins is that their natural blend of ingredients is a bit stinky, reminding me a bit like sulfur-y veggies. If you don't down them with a lot of water, that smell may linger with you, so I recommend drinking up. They're not the most pleasant to take, but I've had much worse, and I never had trouble getting down their easy-to-swallow capsules.

Of course, I couldn't expect to see any changes after just a few days, so I kept to the routine every day around breakfast time. However, the brand does warn that, because it's helping you deal with excess hormones, these vitamins may cause you to experience headaches when you first start taking them. I thought this seemed silly, until on day three I got a whopping migraine that put me out of commission for a full day. I guess these things really do work.

The Anti-Acne Club woman with vitamins

(via The Anti-Acne Club)

I kept this up for about two weeks when the real test came. It was about a week before my period, when I'm most prone to breakouts—especially on my forehead, cheeks and chin—and was expecting to deal with a few extra spots. However, they didn't come, except for one tiny pimple on my jawline, which was mostly invisible to anyone but me, anyway.

And in the two weeks since, that zit has come and gone (much faster than it typically would, I might add) and I haven't experienced any additional bumpiness, redness, irritation or anything else. After a month with these supplements, my skin looks amazing, and I generally feel better too, with the extra alertness and focus being a major upside. I can't entirely say that these vitamins are responsible, but I plan to continue taking them and can't wait to see if my skin gets even clearer in the coming months.

The Anti-Acne Club bottle of vitamins

(via The Anti-Acne Club)


Bottom Line

While I can't 100% confirm that the clarity of my skin was thanks to The Anti-Acne Club and their supplements, I can say that my skin has looked great in the last month. With their all-natural ingredients and dermatologist-backed formula, you can rest assured that you're putting great stuff into your body, and that they just might help you with your skin woes. Thanks to their slightly stinky smell, they're not my favorite vitamins to take—and I can actually see this aroma deterring some people—but that's definitely not enough to prevent me from taking them.

Their price may also be a little high for some, though if you've tried everything else for your acne, chances are that you'll be willing to give it a try. And, as it is with any vitamin supplement, talk to your doctor before starting them to see if they might be a good fit for you.


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