A Definitive Ranking of the Best Oreo Flavors

Crunchy, creamy and oh-so satisfyingly sweet; they don't call Oreos "milk's favorite cookie" for nothing.

This classic cookie has inspired countless cookies and cream-flavored delights, ranging from ice cream flavors to protein bars and everything in between, and while it's a standby favorite on its own, the creative geniuses over at Nabisco just keep coming up with more deviously delicious flavors.

Mix of oreo cookies with mix

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While there's a special place in our hearts for each and every flavor of Oreo, we must admit that some simply deserve more favor than others. So, next time you're in that seemingly ever-growing aisle at the grocery store, pick out one of the packs from our definitive ranking of the best Oreo flavors. Without further ado, let's kick it off with:

13. Golden

Most Oreo flavors feature at least two things: cocoa (typically in the cookie) and cream. Golden Oreos, however, feature a vanilla-flavored cookie that is reminiscent of a Nilla Wafer in place of the traditional chocolate cookie we're familiar with. This gives it a lighter flavor that still pairs perfectly with your favorite milk or coffee, and it's perfect for those among us who may not be big chocolate lovers.

Golden oreo cookies

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12. Lemon Crème

Featuring the same vanilla cookie as the Golden variety, Lemon Crème Oreos just have a little extra oomph to them with the deliciously tangy lemon flavor. It's a summertime favorite that can be enjoyed any time of year, and the frosting-like center reminds us of our favorite lemon pound cakes and other delicious pastries.

lemon creme oreo cookies

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11. Classic

You can't go wrong with the classics, right? We had to put the original Oreos flavor on this definitive ranking of the best Oreo flavors somewhere, as it'll always be a crowd-pleasing winner when your sweet tooth needs something to satisfy it.

classic oreo cookies

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10. Caramel Coconut

Want to bite into a cookie that feels more like a candy? Caramel Coconut Oreos are the perfect option, as they emulate the ooey-gooey caramel goodness of some of our favorite chocolate box delights in the package of one of our most beloved snack cookies. However, the flavor can be a little too dense for some snackers out there, which is why it didn't come out higher on this ranking of the best flavors.

caramel coconut oreo cookies

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9. Chocolate/Dark Chocolate

For the chocolate lovers out there, nothing hits the spot quite like a Chocolate Oreo. It's double the fun, after all, featuring chocolate crème between the already deliciously densely chocolatey cookies. If you're a true chocolate fan that doesn't shy away from the boldness of a more bitter dark chocolate, however, then nothing is as good as the rich decadence of a Dark Chocolate Oreo (black colored crème and all).

chocolate oreo cookies

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8. Red Velvet

One of your favorite cake flavors has now been transformed into a perfectly portable cookie with Red Velvet Oreos, which feature a fun red cookie (still cocoa-flavored) and classic white crème in a cream cheese flavor that brings back memories of Valentine's Days and birthdays passed.

birthday cake oreo cookies

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7. Chocolate Peanut Butter

Fans of classic Reese's candy and all things peanut butter, prepare to delight when you take a bite out of this beloved Oreo flavor. It's simple, it's classic and it's the perfect dessert when you need something salty yet sweet.

chocolate peanut butter oreo cookies

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6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Speaking of chocolate and peanut butter, this Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie flavor just took the previous flavor on this ranking up a notch with its combination of graham cracker goodness and all the best parts of your favorite pie slice.

chocolate peanut butter pie oreo cookies

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5. Mint

If you have any taste for mint and chocolate-flavored desserts, you really can't do better than a classic Mint Oreo. It's refreshing, it's downright delightful and it brings back memories of one of our favorite Girls Scout cookies (except that it's actually available all year long). Pro tip: pop them in the freezer for an almost ice cream-like treat.

mint oreo cookies

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4. Thins

More of a type of Oreo than a flavor, we still had to include Oreo Thins on our definitive ranking of the best flavors. These bite-sized cookies are shockingly great considering that they feature less of the two main Oreo ingredients (cookie and crème), as most of their deliciousness comes from their crisp texture.

oreo thins cookies

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3. Double Stuf

In the opposite vein of Oreo Thins is Double Stuf, a classic favorite flavor that gives you, well, double the goodness of your regular Oreo (which is pretty perfect all on its own). Need we really say more about why this flavor ranked so highly on our list of the best of the best?

oreo thins cookies

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2. Birthday Cake

We can't exactly explain why Birthday Cake just tastes so much better than a traditional vanilla crème filling, but we can try our best. It's tangier, sweeter and more colorful, making it a fun and fantastic bite that we just can't get enough of (whether it's anyone's actual birthday or not).

birthday cake oreo cookies

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1. Fudge-Covered

While most of the Oreo flavors on this list are classically great as either a snack or a sweet treat, the flavor that comes out at number one on our ranking of the best flavors just takes it up a notch to full-on dessert status. Fudge-Covered Oreos, in either the classic Chocolate Fudge flavor or White Fudge, are simply elite. Whether you keep them in your cabinet, fridge or even the freezer, nothing hits the spot quite like one of these rich, smooth and chocolatey Oreo masterpieces.

fudge-covered oreo cookies

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