Spotify's Newest Exclusive Podcast, The Big Hit Show Covers Culture's Most Pivotal Moments

If you love being in the know about the biggest pop culture moments in history, you have to check out Spotify's latest exclusive podcast, The Big Hit Show.

Hosted by journalist Alex Pappademas, the series is all about tracking exactly what happens when a new piece of pop culture takes the world by storm. That all unfolds in each episode as artists, musicians, directors, writers and other creators of these "big hits" reveal the true stories behind how the hits came into existence and their journeys—plus what it says about us all that they were such massive successes.

The series will unfold over four chapters, with multiple episodes each, following the legacies of entertainment and culture moments that became instant classics and ultimately shaped the world as a whole. It begins with an exploration of the Twilight franchise.


The first two Twilight-centric episodes of the series, "A Warm Hug of Problematic Love" and "We Need More Jet Skis" debuted today, Jan. 12, only on Spotify—and more episodes are to come. These episodes discuss everything from a global fascination with vampires (and romance) to director Catherine Hardwicke's powerful belief in what the series could be—plus many fans' love-hate relationship with the iconic books and films.

But that's not all. In February, the podcast will cover Kendrick Lamar's genre-changing hip-hop album To Pimp a Butterfly, before later episodes cover the worldwide phenomenon of the Pokémon franchise, as well as David Fincher's cult classic film Fight Club. There is so much to learn from this incredible new podcast, and if you want to dive right in, you can start listening below.


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