Dani Cohn, Taylor Hatala and More Drop in on The Influential Influencer

Ever wondered what it takes to become an influencer?

Well, this new YouTube series might just answer all your questions.

When wannabe influencer Nikole gets fired for wearing pizza pajamas to work, she refuses to go quietly. Screaming at her boss and publicizing her unfair treatment, Nikole angrily storms out of the office.

But then, the impossible happens. All of Nikole's dreams start coming true when a video of her temper tantrum goes viral. Determined to capitalize on her newfound fame, Nikole dubs herself the Influential Influencer, and sets about pursuing her ultimate goal of Internet fame.

The Influential Influencer

Since she has no idea where to start, she seeks out the advice of some your fave influencers, including Dani Cohn, Taylor Hatala and Jillian Shea Spaeder. But is online stardom everything Nikole dreamed it would be? The full "The Influential Influencer" series is available for free on Sweety High's YouTube channel.

To watch all six episodes, click here.

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