Sweet Quotes From The Kissing Booth Part 3 to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

It's hard to believe that after three years, The Kissing Booth trilogy has finally come to a close.

We've come a long way since the initial forbidden romance between Elle and her best friend Lee's older brother Noah, with things getting even more complicated with long-distance relationships, new love interests and Elle having to make the decision about whether she'll attend school with her BFF Lee or her boyfriend Noah—and lying to them both in the meantime.

Since the movie was released yesterday, Aug. 11, on Netflix, we finally got to see how everything would be resolved, and it is a doozy. Love the film? Keep reading for our favorite quotes to use as your next Instagram caption.

For that stunning sunset that changes all of your perceptions:

"Saw a sunset with colors I had never seen before."

-Elle Evans


For when you're back from summer vacation and the real world finally sets back in:

"But when you decide to escape reality, you know that eventually you're gonna have to come back to it."

-Elle Evans

The Kissing Booth 3: elle and lee's summer bucket list

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


For the pic of your summer bucket list:

"I just happen to be holding some list that says we could make this our best summer yet."

-Elle Evans


For your big Mario Kart win:

"Yahoo! Mario is number one."

-Elle Evans

The Kissing Booth 3: Elle dressed as Mario go karting

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


For the pic with the person you'd do anything for:

"I don't like fighting."

"Me either. But I'll fight for you."

-Elle Evans and Noah Flynn

The Kissing Booth 3: Elle and Noah

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


For showing off your latest splurge:

"There's two things in life that are worth spending a little extra on."

-Lee Flynn


For when you're helping your BFF get out of a jam:

"Rule No. 3: Always help clean up your bestie's messes."


For when you've finally figured out where you want life to take you:

"Maybe it's time that you think about what it is that you want to do. Figure out what your dream is, what you're passionate about… and not let anyone or anything change that."

-Mrs. Flynn

The Kissing Booth 3: Mrs. Flynn and Elle hug

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


For showing off your new goal to the world and promising to go after it:

"It's my new moonshot."

-Marco Peña

The Kissing Booth 3: Marco

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


For the shot of you and the best friends you'd lay your life down for:

"I'm not ashamed to say I loved every damn one of them."

-Elle Evans


For when you're figuring out how to put your own needs first:

"It's holding something back so that I wouldn't hurt you, even if it hurt me, you know? I just really have to stop doing that."

-Elle Evans


For when you have a big goodbye coming up and you're dreading it:

"Sometimes, there are goodbyes so hard to do, you just wanna skip 'em."

-Elle Evans


For the pic of you on the phone with your best friend in the world:

"Rule No. 35.: Always call your bestie every time you miss them."

The Kissing Booth 3: Elle and Lee best friend hug

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


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