Netflix’s The Mitchells vs. the Machines utterly surprised and delighted us when it dropped at the end of last month, and we haven’t stopped thinking about it.

The feel-good animated movie helps us remember the true meaning of family with the help of vibrant animation and a robot apocalypse, and it’s super funny too. If it’s also been on your mind, keep reading for our favorite quotes from the film to try as your next Instagram caption.

For that shot of you and your group, together but not exactly organized:

“Look out, robots, because we’re brave, we are hungry for action and we’re strapped in for success. And we have no idea what we’re doing.”

-Katie Mitchell

The Mitchells vs. The Machines car

(The Mitchells vs. the Machines via Netflix)


For showcasing the most outlandish, creative thing you’ve created:

“I’ve always felt a little different than everyone else. So I did what any outsider would do, made weird art.”

-Katie Mitchell


For that pic of you showcasing just how much you love dinos:

“Hi. Would you like to talk to me about dinosaurs?”

-Aaron Mitchell

The Mitchells vs. the machines dinosaurs

(The Mitchells vs. the Machines via Netflix)


For when you want to pick up your pet and they are not cooperating:

“We’re here to help. Please remain calm while we capture you.”



For that pic that shows just how different you are from your parents:

“My parents haven’t figured me out yet. To be fair, it took me a while to figure myself out.”

-Katie Mitchell

The Mitchells vs. the machines awe

(The Mitchells vs. the Machines via Netflix)


For that tearful goodbye between you and your oddball bestie:

“Don’t let the world make you normal while I’m gone.”

-Katie Mitchell


For sharing your favorite movie with Insta:

“I never fit in, for lots of reasons, but movies were always there for me.”

-Katie Mitchell


For the family portrait that shows how unique you all truly are:

“We all want to be the perfect family, but who’s perfect, right?”

–Katie Mitchell


For when you finally get to that geeky convention you’ve been dreaming about your whole life:

“After all these years, I’m finally going to meet my people.”

-Katie Mitchell

The Mitchells vs. the machines katie interests

(The Mitchells vs. the Machines via Netflix)


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