Our Theories On Ali and Mona's Role in the New Pretty Little Liars Spinoff

Our pretty little hearts are beating fully once again with the news of a brand new Pretty Little Liars spinoff called, The Perfectionists.

Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish will be reprising their roles as Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal. Now, it's time we theorize on what exactly Alison and Mona's involvement will be in the newest town and the freshest murder.

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Mona Knows All

Not only was Mona the first "A" but she also beat "Uber A" at her own game. Mona has a mastermind like no other, and she uses it for both good and bad. Now that Mona is in the town of Beacon Heights and a new murder has taken place, there is no way she isn't involved somehow some way. Mona knows all, she always has and always will. We have no doubt in our minds she knows something about the murder before the town even hears about it, and she'll probably crack the case before anyone else. 


From Bad To Good

Ali was initially the girl we loved to hate. But after witnessing Emily and Ali's growth together, our hearts felt for Ali and her crazy family, and suddenly as fans, we wanted the best for her. I know the same will hold true in this spinoff. Whether she finds herself mixed up in a murder mess or not, Ali will be the confidant. She will be the person the new girl squad will turn to for advice and answers. We're also hoping Ali is a new professor at the college in Beacon Heights and Shay Mitchell will make some guest appearances as Emily Fields.

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Friends Again?

Ali and Mona's relationship is a tough call in Beacon Heights. It's hard to fully trust and get close to Mona because she is unstable, but also Ali does owe a lot to Mona for beating "Uber A's" game. We were big fans of Mona and Hanna's relationship, and we're hoping a similar relationship develops between Mona and Ali. We know together, Mona and Ali are a dynamic team of all-around girl bosses, as they take on the mysteries of a new town. 


Why Leave Rosewood?

The biggest burning question of all is: Why did Ali leave Rosewood and Mona leave her Paris doll shop for Beacon Heights? Our guess is Ali gets a job as a professor and Mona is missing her political career and wants to start fresh and both Ali and Mona run into each other in Beacon Heights, starting a bond until their new town starts to be a reminder of exactly why they left Rosewood. 


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