An Expert Says These 5 Things Guys Do Are Total Turn-Offs to Girls

Have you ever been crushing on someone, only to see them do something that completely changes your mind about them?

We've all been there and thought this person was so perfect, only to have the illusion broken by some sort of weird behavior. And while we're by no means perfect ourselves, there are certainly some things we can all work on in order to be more appealing to those we like.

We spoke with Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist and leading expert when it comes to dating and relationship issues. She gave us insight into what turns most girls off. Interested to learn what they are? Keep reading to find out which five things guys do that are total turn-offs to girls, according to an expert.

1. Overly Aggressive Males

As women, we respect a guy who is a tad bit aggressive in his pursuit of us…to an extent. If they're overly aggressive and simply won't take no for an answer, it reaches a point where it's creepy, not attractive. There is a very fine line as to where aggression can be a good thing. For example, a guy who texts you "goodnight" or "good morning" every day comes across as sweet, whereas a guy who texts you multiple times in a row with no response obviously doesn't get the hint. Total turn-off.

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2. Body-Grabbing Males

Speaking of disrespectful males, another thing that comes across as a turn-off is when a guy disrespects our bodies. If a guy ever touches you in any way without your consent, consider that to be a huge red flag. They should always ask your permission, especially when you're first getting to know one another. If you're not comfortable holding hands, hugging or kissing, they need to be respectful of that. If not, we don't know one single girl on this planet that would find that a turn-on.


3. Disrespectful Males

If you're trying to gauge whether a guy is the right one for you, pay attention to how he treats others—his mom, friends, teachers—anyone. If he's disrespectful to them, chances are, at some point, he'll act that way towards you. Even if they're as sweet as can be when it comes to you, that doesn't mean they're respectful. Trust us when we say a guy who is disrespectful should not earn your respect.

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4. Males Who Give More Attention to Friends Than to a Date

If you ever find yourself on a date with a guy and their attention isn't mainly focused on you, it probably makes you think where their mind is. Are they talking to other girls? Texting their friends? Not interested in you? Whatever the case may be, if they aren't giving you your deserved attention, it's an obvious turn-off. When we think a guy isn't into us, we tend to go into our shells and back off.


5. Males Who Are Highly Jealous

Whether you're in a long-term, committed relationship or are just starting to date, jealousy tends to spring up in both cases. The feeling of jealousy is completely normal, but if you don't work on it, it can ruin your relationship. When a guy is constantly focusing on his feelings of jealousy, whether he admits it or not, it's going to be a turn-off for us girls. We don't want to feel like we have to walk on eggshells around them.

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