If You Do These 6 Things, You're a Pogue, According to Outer Banks

If you love Outer Banks as much as we do, we're willing to bet you've wondered if you're a Kook or a Pogue.

The Pogues consist of people like John B, JJ, Pope, Kie and (recently) Sarah, while the Kooks consist of people like Topper and Rafe. The show paints out each side to be good vs. evil, but it's honestly so much more than that.

Do you have an inkling that you're a Pogue? If you do the below six things, you're definitely a Pogue according to Outer Banks.

1. You Come From a Working-Class Family

Most Pogues come from working-class families—like John B, JJ and Pope. There are exceptions to this rule though—look at Kie, for example. She was born to be a Kook, but she doesn't abide by their rules and befriended the Pogues. Then there's also Sarah—she was a Kook for years but wormed her way into becoming a Pogue. It does seem like you can't be a Kook if you were born to be a Pogue.

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2. You Spend Your Summers Camping, Road-Tripping or Working

There probably aren't a lot of country club parties on your agenda. You spend your summers doing things like camping, road-tripping and working. Whether you work at a restaurant, do retail, are a lifeguard or do some other job where you get your hands dirty, you're likely a Pogue.


3. You're a Surfer and Love Being Out on the Water

Pogues are total water babies. You love to be out on the water on the boat, but especially love grabbing your board and hitting the waves with your friends. You're really good at surfing and like to show off whenever you can. You surf because you like it—not for status, money or a workout. It makes you happy to be one with the ocean and you have definitely seen a dolphin or two while out on your board. And if you're not by the beach, you're probably at the lake doing all sorts of water sports.

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4. You Go With the Flow

You don't really have a plan for your future and tend to go with the flow. You hate setting alarms on your phone and have probably run out of gas on the road. You're not one to make plans ahead of time and see what falls in your lap. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, too. Just look at Pope! He's made it his life's mission to get into a good college so that he can get out of the Outer Banks, but as we all know, things don't always go as planned.


5. You Dress Like a Trendy Beach Bum

When we say you dress like a trendy beach bum, we mean it in the nicest way possible. Just look at John B—if anyone else were to rock a bandana, board shorts and open shirt like him, you'd think they were a beach bum, right? Good for John B and his outrageously hot looks, because he can rock it. If you like to wear beanies, shorts, crop tops, Birkenstocks, bandanas or anything else reminiscent of a beach bum, you're definitely a Pogue.

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6. You Don't Think You Need Anyone's Help

Pogues seem to think they can solve all of life's problems on their own with no outside help. We hate to break it to you, but that's not how the world works. If you tend to dismiss other people's offerings of help, it sounds like you might be a Pogue. You likely do this for a number of reasons. You might have trust issues or you might just think you're the best person for the job. Whatever the case may be, you always end up trying to solve something on your own, or at the most, with the help of your closest friends.


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