5 Frowned-Upon Things We Actually Miss Amid Social Distancing

Compared to current conditions, we had it pret-ty darn good before, didn't we?

We used to complain about not driving our dream car or not wearing the cute handbag all the trendy girls are carrying—but now we're living in shambles (quite literally—have you seen our bedroom floor?!), forced to fend for ourselves in every sense of the word. Thank goodness for this rooftops over our heads, because otherwise… we just don't know.

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While there are surely things we don't miss amid quarantine (namely, traffic!), it really does make us appreciate things that maybe weren'so bad after all.

Keep reading for five frowned-upon things we actually miss amid social distancing.

1. Office Coffee

When we initially started working from home, one of the major draws was utilizing our beloved Keurig. While the lines at the grocery store were no fun, stocking up on K-cup after K-cup was exhilarating! All the flavors we could ever want at our fingertips, no more subjecting ourselves to poorly brewed coffee at work.

Well, the excitement simmered fast. We quickly learned that Keurig essentially produces coffee-spiked water. And to maximize flavor from each cup, you have to select one of the smallest size options. Not only do you have to drink like 10 to get your caffeine fix, but you plow through them so quickly. They're kind of a buzzkill (literally), and even though these might be tastier than the brew at the office, at least the one there keeps us awake!

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2. Getting Ready in the Morning

Unless you're in your first week of a new school year, getting ready in the morning is a major drag. You feel like you've worn everything in your closet at least five times in any given month. Everyone already knows what you look like—and even as far as looking good for yourself is concerned, you'd much rather catch some extra Z's.

Welp, fast-forward to now, when we have an entire closet full of cute ensembles just waiting to be seen. We didn't care too much for jeans a couple of months ago, but now? We have like 10 different outfits lined up for every pair we own. Seriously, once this whole quarantine thing is over, we're taking #OOTDs to a whole new dimension.



3. Doctor and Dentist Appointments

Are we hypochondriacs, or is everything happening to us conveniently amid coronavirus? While we've always been quick to shun a medical checkup, we're realizing they shouldn't be taken for granted. We're in a state right now where we can't just call up doc for a measly headache. Doctors have much, much bigger concerns right now, and we're kicking ourselves for not slipping in our annual physical when we had the chance. And dentists? No way, José. Unless your teeth are in a dire state, don't even think about fixing that minor toothache or getting that long-overdue gum-check.

We don't know when these services will be available to us again, and therefore will spend the rest of social distancing wondering if we're walking around with an asymptomatic illness, cavity or worse.

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4. Phone Calls

Ah, the once-dreaded phone call has transitioned into the currently dreaded Zoom conference. Don't get us wrong—Zoom, theoretically speaking, is amazing. It's great for small friendly gatherings and important meetings, but people abuse their privileges. Every time we commit to a Zoom, it's an average of 40-minutes in which we have to stay stationary and just look at a screen, with our every move being watched. We also need to look semi-presentable (depending on who's on the chat). Zooms usually feel like a big waste of time—time that could be used for multitasking had we just been on a simple phone call. We get it, we're always attracted to new and exciting digital innovations, but sometimes simplest is best. Moving forward, we'll appreciate when someone picks up the phone and gives us a call.


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5. Busy Malls

It's not that we miss the parking, lines and the hustle and bustle of malls, but they represent freedom—something we didn't appropriately value in the past. We definitely took it for granted (which, since we've had it all along, it's only natural that we did), and now, we'd give anything to simply walk down our street without huffing and puffing in a mask. We anticipate the smiles on peoples' faces and the uplifting energy that a place we once dreaded will bring us when the time is right.

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