These Are the 5 Ultimate High School No-Nos

Navigating high school is tough.

Between finding your friend group, staying on top of all of your academic requirements and, ya know, figuring out who you are and who you hope to be, it's a period filled with awesome opportunities and painful growth. That said, if you're looking to go from freshman to senior year relatively unscathed, there are some things you should avoid at all costs.

Scroll down for a list of the five ultimate high school no-nos!

Carry a Rolling Backpack

Major back issues aside, using a rolling backpack to ferry your books and personal belongings from class to class is certainly near the top of the list of high school no-nos. Not only are they cumbersome, annoying and potentially unsafe (have you ever tried to go down a flight of stairs with one of those things in tow?), they reek of high school inexperience and can thus make you an easy target for unnecessary ridicule. Opt for a regular backpack instead, and save yourself from the humiliation that comes with rolling your stuff around school.

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Sport Orthodontic Headgear

We get that there are some instances in which sporting orthodontic headgear is unavoidable (and for that we're truly sorry), but to the extent that you can steer clear of looking like a cliché high school underdog, go ahead and do it—even if it means wearing regular braces or other orthodontic metal for a longer period of time. Whether it's fair or not, walking around sporting a clunky, helmet-like metal contraption is a really easy way to alienate yourself from your peers and, like the rolling backpack, won't do you any favors in the harsh world of high school.


Show Up to School in Costume on a Day That's Not Halloween

Halloween is the only day of the year when (if your school allows) it's acceptable to show up wearing a head-to-toe costume. Unfortunately, aside from rocking red on Valentine's Day or wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, going to school in costume on a regular Tuesday is yet another thing that falls into the "socially unacceptable" category. That is to say, dressing up as your favorite superhero or video game character on a daily basis isn't exactly something to strive for if you're looking to fit in. However, if you find a group of kids who are just as obsessed with Zelda as you are, go ahead and bond over your love of the game however you see fit!

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Bad-Mouth Teachers on Social Media

This one is tricky since social media is so readily used by just about everyone in high school, and we've all had a teacher or two we just don't mesh with—but resist the urge to drag said teacher on social media for never calling on you in class or giving you a bad grade on a test. Reacting in such a way is silly and immature and, depending on what you say, could even get you in trouble with school administration. If you genuinely have an issue with a teacher over a grade or something else school-related, it's best to approach it in a calm, rational manner and get your dean or guidance counselor involved if need be.


Go Overboard With a Prank

High school seems to be a place for pranksters to roam free, but if you fall into that category, think before you act. Playing a silly joke on a teacher may seem harmless to you, but could end up getting you in serious trouble, depending on the nature of the prank and the tolerance level of the teacher.

On that same token, doing something to embarrass a friend could end up jeopardizing your relationship. If they aren't someone who finds that type of stuff funny, don't go there, even if it doesn't seem like a big deal to you. And if you're playing a prank on someone just to be bratty or gain attention from your peers, that could send you straight to the principal's office. While living out a scene from Mean Girls may sound fun off the bat, trust us, it could land you in serious hot water.

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