These 6 TikTok Accounts Will Make You Smile No Matter What 

If you're anything like us, you may have found yourself becoming a tad addicted to TikTok since 2020.

While the app offers something for everyone, there are a few accounts we've grown to love and lean on when we're having a tough time or need a laugh. If you're looking for some content creators sure to brighten your day, read on. These six TikTok accounts will make you smile no matter what.


Following this mommy-son duo makes our hearts melt on a regular basis. With their dance parties, heartwarming moments, love for glitter and appreciation for costumes, these two remind us that every day gives us endless reasons to celebrate.

@citygirlgonemomDon't worry he got me back with the hose ##bossbabybrody ##teamoftomorrow ##parentsoftiktok ##waterchallenge♬ Ah Eh – 💚💚



Who knew watching a group of three besties dance in a basement could spark so much joy? Nathaniel James, Kadeem Hemmings and Nicholas McDonald started making videos in 2020 when they decided to be quarantine buddies, and we are so grateful they did. Their variety of music choices, epic dance moves and sheer joy for what they do is infectious. Do yourself a favor and give them a follow!

@basementgangUp in the gym just working on our fitness 💪🏾♬ Fergalicious – Album Version (Edited) – Fergie



Maggie Winters (aka SaggieSplinters) is the definition of comedic gold. Her magnetism, unique perspective and iconic characters keep us laughing nonstop. Her ability to expertly take everyday moments and spin them into hysterical scenarios makes her content perpetually surprising and is bound to give you the giggles.

@saggiesplintersWhat I eat in a day 💕 ##fyp ##foryou ##whatieatinaday ##food ##gogurt♬ original sound – Maggie Winters



Joseph and Jonathan (aka Blanche and Samantha) went viral on TikTok for imitating dance competition entrances. Even if you're not a dancer yourself, it's impossible not to laugh at their uber-competitive, effervescent teen dancer personas. Their sense of humor, love for dance and sparkly energy in their content are sure to get you grinning.

@567broadwayThe saga continues.😮 ##dancecompentrances ##fyp ##foryou ##dancecompetition ##dancerslife♬ original sound – Joseph Corella



Stylish and hilarious with the voice of an angel, Corey J. Bradford is a ray of sunshine on your FYP. Whether he's showing off his singing skills, modeling a variety of jaw-droppingly chic looks, or reenacting iconic pop culture moments (complete with costumes), his feed is an instant mood booster. For a solid serotonin boost, make sure to check out his video of the epic "maybe if you had a business" Kim and Kourtney fight.

@coreyjbradfordi had to compile all of my favorite moments from this interview into one. y'all this one is A HOT MESS🥴 ##funny ##comedy ##whitneyhouston ##crackiswhack♬ original sound – Corey J. Bradford



While the societal definition of "hot" can seem nebulous and intimidating, TikTok creator Paris Nicholson may have a thought or two on the subject. He creates viral content by doing hot lists of everything from the hottest fingers (who knew the pinky was so—not hot?) to the hottest people in Candyland. His reasoning is so witty, his deadpan delivery so delightful, you're bound to chuckle your way through each and every video.

@parisnicholsonReply to @anextremelyseriousperson Top 5 Hottest Fingers of the Human Hand ##greenscreen ##top5 ##hot ##fingers ##hands ##gay ##comedy ##gossipgirlhere

♬ original sound – Paris Nicholson


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