4 Times It's Okay to Brag

We've all been told that bragging makes us look bad.

It's always best to ask someone about them, as opposed to talking about yourself.

While bragging is definitely a trait that shouldn't be abused, there's a little something you may have heard of called the "humble brag," which kind of validates the act of letting everyone know about one of your accomplishments.

While not just everything is classified as a "humble brag"—flaunting your expensive new handbag or talking incessantly about your S.O. to your bestie who is saddeningly single is not okay—there really are instances when you should feel okay letting everyone know you're proud of yourself.

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1. When You Get a Decent Grade in a Course or Test That Caused You to Struggle

If you're a typical straight-A student and you parade around campus flopping your report card everywhere, that's unacceptable, but if it's a known fact that you've had a difficult time in a course or grasping a particular part of its material, you should feel proud to tell friends that your hard work paid off. Not only does your teacher appreciate that you plowed through the struggle, but your friends and family know what you dealt with and will recognize your efforts, too!

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2. When You Land Your First Part-Time Job

There's absolutely nothing wrong with tooting your own horn for wanting to add some additional productivity to your life. It's hard enough balancing school with sports and whatever other extracurriculars are on your plate, so to take things a step further and land a part-time job—go you! There's nothing that should stop you from letting people know you're proud of this particular accomplishment.


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3. When You Make "the Team"

Making a high school team—whether it be JV or varsity, cheerleading or volleyball—is a huge feat. Not only have you proven some serious athletic skills, but the commitment and drive it takes to impress during tryouts is something that takes hard work. Of course you don't want to run around bragging to your pal who didn't make the cut, but feel free to let other people know that you're so excited about taking on a new position in the field or court this year.


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4. When You Design or Create Something Unique

Did you design a website? Come up with a dope logo for a T-shirt line? Paint an adorable Pikachu? Ace your timely science project? Any time you use your creative skills to come up with something new, place that work around the house so guests can peep your skills. Encourage friends and family to check out your stuff. Chances are, if it interests you, they'll be curious about it, too.

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Although some of us feel like bragging after nailing a test, most of us have experienced THESE embarrassing moments in the process of taking it.