These Tips Will Help You Land a Spot on Your School's Cheerleading Team

Trying out for your school's cheerleading team can be as exciting as it is terrifying, but you need not get your pom poms in a twist.

Universal Cheerleaders Association Brand Manager and cheerleader Taylor Easton is revealing the tips every aspiring cheer squad member needs to know when it comes to nailing tryouts. Keep scrolling to find out what they are!

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Sweety High: What's the best piece of advice you can give for every girl who's trying out for their school's cheerleading team?

Taylor Easton: You need to ask yourself what your motivation for trying out is. Cheerleading is so much more than what people think it is. You're a leader at your school and in your community. You also have to be an incredible athlete. If all those things are something you're interested in and you have the right intentions, then you should definitely try out for the cheerleading team.


SH: What's the best outfit to wear that will really make you stand out during tryouts?

TE: Always wear your school colors! A lot of schools actually recommend that. Plus, you'll already look like a cheerleader for that school if you're wearing the school's colors. Making sure your outfit is wrinkle-free is important as well.


SH: As far as makeup goes, should you wear makeup or is it better to have a more fresh-face?

TE: It is good to wear makeup, but coaches are always looking for a more natural face. Add a little bit of color to your cheeks and lips and you'll be good to go.


SH: What are six essentials every girl should have in her gym bag at tryouts?

TE: Definitely extra hair ties, cheer shoes, a full water bottle, a spare tee, lip gloss and deodorant.

Cheerleading gym bag essentials

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SH: For cheer shoes, which brand is the best to have?

TE: I would totally recommend Varsity Spirit.


SH: Which types of workout classes are important to take beforehand?

TE: Running is always really important, because you have to be in top cardio shape. Yoga is great for stretching and flexibility. Tumbling classes are super important, but you want to make sure you are being taught by someone who is certified as opposed to just teaching yourself in your backyard.


SH: Should you contact a coach before a try out?

TE: Absolutely! I would 100 percent recommend contacting the coach and cheerleaders that are currently on the team. They can give you good insight as to what to expect from the tryouts.


SH: How would you go about reaching out to the coach and fellow cheerleaders?

TE: Introduce yourself and tell them about what your intentions are and why you're excited to be trying out for cheerleading. If you have any kind of background in cheerleading or any other skills that would be pertinent to the cheerleading squad, let the coach know about that. Then tell them something you're looking forward to or ask them any questions you may have about the specifics of the tryout process.

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SH: What's one easy way everyone can stand out and make the best impression at tryouts?

TE: I would say being coachable. If someone's give you critique, take it and apply it. Anyone who is coachable will be on the top of the list.


SH: What's your advice for handling being rejected from the team?

TE: The main thing is to follow up with the coach. They're typically more than willing to give you any feedback about what you need to work on in order to make the team next year.


SH: Were there any other final bits of advice you wanted to share?

TE: Beyond the cheerleading skills, work on being able to be a leader on your team, in your community and to other people at your school. Really learn to set the example.


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