If You've Always Been a Tomboy, We Guarantee You'll Relate to These Struggles

Being a tomboy surrounding by girly girls can be a struggle.

If you prefer pants over a dress every time, forego makeup almost every day and spend as much time around boys as you do around girls, you'll definitely relate to these things:

1. People always insist that you'll be interested in makeup and dresses someday—but you've already lived the majority of your life not being interested in those things, so chances are slim.

2. On those rare occasions that you do have to dress up, you feel totally out of place. The fact that everyone feels the need to compliment you on how "feminine" you finally look actually makes it more embarrassing.

Unhappy woman giving a thumbs down to the dress she's wearing

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3. And sometimes those compliments feel backhanded, implying you don't actually look that great when you're not wearing girly clothing.

4. People have accused you of acting like a boy to get boys to notice you. Sure, you have a lot of guy friends, but what those people don't realize is that none of them think of you as anything more than "one of the guys."

5. Whether you shirk style completely or you love having your own, less feminine sense of style, you feel pretty confident in whatever you're wearing.

6. And you are always wearing comfy clothes.

Girl in comfy clothes sits on floor with iPad

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7. On the rare occasion that you try to apply your own makeup, you end up striking a resemblance to a party clown.

8. But you prefer the way you look without makeup on, so no loss there.

9. The dainty salad is never your menu item of choice.

10. You're more interested in sports, gaming and anime than the majority of the other girls in your class.

11. And you know that boys hate when you beat them at games.

Girl triumphant after beating boy at video game

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12. You know that being a tomboy doesn't make you that different from anyone else. You have girl and boy friends, just like everyone else, even if that's not what people think.

13. Girls who don't know you might think you're a weirdo, but that's okay because your real friends stick by your side no matter what.


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