10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of January 7, 2022

New year, new music. What could be better?

After an unbelievably strong year of music in 2021, our favorite artists are going to have to work hard to top it—but if this first week of 2022 is any indication, they just might get it done. With new releases from rising artists such as Beau and Conro to world-renowned powerhouses Halsey and The Weeknd, this was a fantastic week for music. Keep reading to discover our top 10 picks for the week of Jan. 7, 2022.

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1. Alt-Pop Duo Beau Drop New Single, 'San Francisco'

Heather Goldin and Emma Jenney make up the alt-pop duo Beau, and we'll definitely be keeping our eyes on them in 2022. Their first release of the year is the bluesy rock track "San Francisco," with dreamy lyrics and a sound that positively soars thanks to both members' powerful voices. "'San Francisco' was created after a road trip across America when we were 20," the band explained in a press release. "The lyrics are purposefully poetic and tell a story of young love and the open road, with a few dream references. The recording is organic and raw, having some style similarities to the first record, all thanks to producer Nico Vernhes."


2. Producer Conro Kicks Off a Hopeful 2022 With 'find u'

Conro is a Canadian dance/pop producer who reliably drops banger after banger, but his first single of 2022, "find u," shows off an entirely new side of the artist, and we're loving the new direction. The song is irresistibly upbeat, and we think we'll be listening to a lot of it in the year to come. "I'm so excited to start the year off with 'find u,'" Conro revealed in a press release. "I haven't ever been so vulnerable with my music before. I'm stoked to see how people receive it! I'm really proud of this one and hope whoever gets a chance to listen will be able to connect with it in their own way!"


3. Palace Release the Gorgeously Heartbreaking 'Shame on You'

English rock band Palace are masters of beautiful and powerfully emotional tracks, and their latest release, "Shame on You," may show the group at its rawest yet. And it's just one of the gorgeous tracks that will be on the band's third album, Shoals, which releases Jan. 21, and we seriously cannot wait. "Shoals is a record about confronting our own fears and anxieties," explained Palace frontman Leo Wyndham in a press release. "Through the pandemic we were confronted more than ever with ourselves with little distraction, suddenly seeing who we are in the rawest of forms. It held a mirror up to our flaws and imperfections and forced us to see the real 'us.'"


4. Morgan Wade Captures Hope and Anguish in 'Run'

We can't get over the moody and nostalgic sound of Morgan Wade's country-tinged new single "Run," and honestly, we don't want to. The song seems to be about being rescued from a bad situation in a relationship and wishing and dreaming you could just get away with that person, even if the odds are stacked against you. It's hopeful but devastating all at once, and Morgan's vocals really make the track unmissable.


5. Sam Kim Gets Us Moving With New Track 'Smile'

Singer-songwriter Sam Kim is known for his unique style, bringing elements of R&B and K-pop to create something entirely his own, and his hot new track, produced by R3hab, is the perfect example of his unique talents. The super danceable track is romantic and audacious all at once, and we can see this one becoming a big hit. According to a press release, Sam "wanted to take on a new challenge writing the song" and had a "hope to put out something fresh" with this new track, and we think he succeeded on both counts.


6. Maren Morris Drops 'Circles Around This Town'

Maren Morris is a country singer-songwriter capable of breaking down boundaries and creating songs that appeal to everyone, and her new single "Circles Around This Town" is no exception. It's a track about feeling stuck in a cycle, where you feel like you keep going and aren't getting anywhere. In this pandemic, we think many will relate. We also love that the music video features an introduction by country legend Reba McEntire. Even if you don't love country, we think there's a good chance you'll fall hard for this song.


7. Jonas Blue and Why Don't We Team Up for Epic Collab on 'Don't Wake Me Up'

"Don't Wake Me Up" is the Jonas Blue and Why Don't We collab we had no idea we were waiting for. Why Don't We truly is the boy band of our time, and they're somehow even better with the addition of Jonas Blue's vocals, creating an uplifting dance track about finding real love—if only in your dreams. "I've been wanting to get a collab going with Why Don't We since they first hit me up on Twitter back in 2019," Jonas said in a press release. "These guys have amazing vocals which grabbed me instantly, so I knew we could create something really special together. 'Don't Wake Me Up' has a real depth to the lyrics. If you break it down, it's about finding your true love in your dream. I can't wait to share it with the world!"


8. Indian Artist Armaan Malik Wins Our Hearts With 'You'

Armaan Malik is an Indian singer-songwriter you should absolutely not be sleeping on in 2022. The prolific artist has had more than 10 billion cumulative streams, releasing more than 250 songs in a dozen languages, but it's his newest song, his fourth-ever English-language solo release, called "You," that's really won our hearts. It's a heartwarming, straightforward song about new love, but its sound will hook its way right into your heart and not let go. "My latest single 'You' is one of my most favorite songs I've released," Armaan said in a press release. "It's got a certain purity and simplicity that I believe will speak to a lot of people. I've always wanted to do a love ballad in English and 'You' definitely is a no-brainer in that genre."


9. Halsey Re-Releases If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power With an Extended Edition

Halsey released her epic fourth studio album, If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power, back in August of last year to widespread critical acclaim, and it's making a return in 2022 with a few fantastic and unexpected additions. It includes all of the songs of the original release, plus the 2019 single "Nightmare," a reprise of the song and a brand new exclusive track called "People Disappear Here," each cementing the reason why she's at the top of the list of our favorite artists.


10. The Weeknd Reveals the Highly Anticipated Dawn FM

The Weeknd's fifth studio album, Dawn FM is finally here, and it appears it's been worth every minute of the wait. The album features 16 tracks, including the already beloved song "Take My Breath," and is narrated by none other than legendary actor and comedian Jim Carrey. It's smoothly stunning from start to finish. And check out the stunning music video for the new song "Sacrifice" below and just try not to dance along—we dare you.


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