All the Best Foods and Drinks We Tried in December 2022

As we say goodbye to 2022 and welcome the new year, we're thinking about a lot of things—including all of the absolutely delicious foods we enjoyed in the month of December.

In addition to holiday feasts and festive treats, we also indulged in all kinds of new meals, snacks, drinks and so much more from our favorite brands, and we're definitely not going to gatekeep when it comes to the best of the best. Want to know which goodies really made our mouths water? Just keep scrolling to discover our favorites from December.

Tochi Snacks

The first time we tried a bag of salted egg-flavored fish skins straight from Singapore, we were skeptical—but it only took one piece to get us positively hooked on their crisp texture and rich, savory taste. These snacks are tough to get your hands on here in the U.S., but it all just got so much easier thanks to Tochi Snacks and their sustainably sourced salmon skin chips. They come in the classic salted egg flavor as well as Korean BBQ, sriracha and Thai lime and herb varieties, and while we thought salted egg would be unbeatable, they honestly all compete for the top flavor spot.

Tochi Snacks salmon chips

(via Tochi Snacks)


Umamicart x Kitsby Ube Holiday Panettone

We'll warn you before you get too invested in this Filipino-inspired twist on holiday fruitcake that it didn't take long at all to sell out. This delightfully fluffy and sweet holiday treat was made in collaboration between online Asian grocer Umamicart and NYC-based dessert shop Kitsby, utilizing Philippine purple yam, or ube, and adding white chocolate and nutty toasted coconut to create a treat unlike any other holiday dessert we've ever tasted. Even if you can't try this special dessert now, Kitsby has all kinds of goodies to tempt the tastebuds—and if you're patient, they might even bring it back for next Christmas.

Umamicart Kirsby ube panettone

(via Umamicart)


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Jordan's Skinny Mixes

Jordan's Skinny Mixes have been keeping us very happy this winter, with delicious syrups and sauces bringing the very best festive holiday flavors to our morning coffees, all without any calories or sugar. Each one adds just the right amount of sweetness and fun to your favorite drinks, and with so many varieties available, you're sure to find your favorite festive flavor among them.

Jordan's Skinny Mixes holiday syrups

(via Jordan's Skinny Mixes)


Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms have always been the masters of the meat-and-cheese box gift, but with the recent boom in the popularity of charcuterie, they're more relevant than ever—and their gift boxes are the best. Their summer sausages are rich and delicious, even in the heart of winter, and pair perfectly with their bold cheeses and mustards—but did you know they're also well-complemented by sweet flavors? Their Happy Holidays Flavors Box includes a little bit of everything to keep tasters happy, but you honestly can't go wrong with anything in the lineup.

Hickory Farms Happy Holiday flavors gift box

(via Hickory Farms)


Ithaca Hummus

We'll jump at any opportunity to try a yummy new hummus brand, but Ithaca Hummus stands above the rest with incredible takes on flavors we've never seen anywhere else. While their original hummus tastes incredibly fresh and delicious, we love the other varieties in the lineup, from the onion and poppy seed-packed Everyone Bagel flavor to their Kalamata Olive hummus and Buffalo Ranch hummus. The standout, however, has to be their Grillo's Pickles hummus, which won't be for everyone, but offers that mouth-puckering briny flavor that'll keep pickle lovers coming back for more.

Ithaca Hummus variety of tubs

(via Ithaca Hummus)



For those days you're craving a fresh, delicious smoothie, but don't want to deal with the hassle of working a blender, Phyll has your back. Each carton contains three servings of fruits and veggies with no added sugar, fillers or preservatives, and they taste incredible while delivering 15 grams of plant protein and three grams of fiber per serving. Their Greenfest smoothie offers that perfect green juice flavor, without the veggie ick, while their Mixed Berry smoothie will satisfy purists with bold fruity goodness. Our favorite, though, has to be the Chocolate smoothie, blending strawberry and banana with chocolate to taste like a decadent dessert, while also filling your body with the good stuff it needs.

Phyll smoothie variety pack

(via Phyll)


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Spero Foods

Looking for a great egg substitute for your favorite scrambles, omelets and more? This incredible egg alternative from Spero Foods is made from pepitas (aka pumpkin seeds), and while it takes a little longer to cook up than traditional eggs, it's just as tasty and 100% plant-based. It's also packed with zinc, protein and iron to keep the body going, and is flavored with garlic and onion right out of the bottle, so you don't even have to season it to get a great taste. We just suggest shaking very well to get the desired egg consistency and using more than you think you'll need. Practice definitely makes perfect with this stuff.

Spero Pepita egg alternative

(via Spero Foods)


Frooze Balls

Who doesn't love snacks that are delicious, easy to eat and packed with all kinds of good stuff? New Zealand-based Frooze Balls are just that, using real fruit and nuts to create tasty plant-based and gluten-free energy balls packed with protein. Because of their convenient shape, they make a fantastic on-the-go snack, and whether you're eating their luscious Caramel Choc Peanut Butter flavor, decadent Lemon Cheesecake or classic Peanut Butter & Jelly, you'll find yourself satisfied and powered up after digging in.

Frooze balls variety pack

(via Frooze Balls)


Just Pure Foods

Just Pure Foods' crunchy, flavorful Tomato Chips probably won't be for everyone, but if you love flavor-packed snacks made with real veggies, prepare to fall in love. The brand's Tomato Chips come in craveable Barbecue, Jalapeño and Cheese flavors, which all complement the naturally sweet and tangy flavor of tomato perfectly, and they have just the right amount of bite. Plus, every serving contains iron and potassium.

Just Pure Foods tomato chips

(via Amazon)


Lemon Perfect

We're big lemonade fans, but one thing we don't love is that most tasty lemon drinks are packed to the brim with sugar. Lemon Perfect does things a little differently with its lemon waters, which have a great lemony flavor with absolutely zero sugar. They're tasty (coming in six great flavors, including Just Lemon, Dragon Fruit Mango and Strawberry Passion Fruit) while also being ultra-hydrating, with lots of electrolytes and only five calories per serving.

Lemon Perfect lemon water

(via Lemon Perfect)


Rowdy Mermaid

If you're on the hunt for a delicious yet healthy kombucha with way less vinegary bite, we can't recommend Rowdy Mermaid enough. Thanks to their unique process, their drinks are non-alcoholic while featuring plenty of lactobacillus plantarum for gut health,  with awesome flavors including  Hello Ginger, Alpine Lavender and Strawberry Holy Basil, which feature botanical ingredients to taste more like yummy seltzers than kombucha. Our favorite feature, however, has to be the added adaptogens, which leave you feeling calm yet energized as you sip.

Rowdy mermaid kombucha

(via Rowdy Mermaid)


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Arden's Garden

Arden's Garden is a health and wellness brand that's all about tasty, healthy juices, and after trying a number of their cold-pressed fruit and veggie juices and wellness shots, they've become a fast favorite. Their juices are made with only the purest fruit juice, so they taste incredible while also being full of good-for-you vitamins and nutrients including vitamin C, potassium and beta-carotene. Their shots are also way more palatable than the competition, and if you've ever struggled to get a ginger shot down, we think theirs might change your life. For the new year, they're also offering two free Wellness Shots and free shipping with every order through Jan. 31, 2023, so if you're curious, now is the time to shop!

Ardens Garden cold pressed juices

(via Arden's Garden)


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