Austin Mahone's Hilarious Tour Mockumentary!

Austin Mahone and his current tour mates had a bit of fun with a hilarious tour mockumentary starring The Vamps, Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes!Austin Mahone Tour Mockumentary

As Austin rides around backstage on his Segway, he runs into each of the other acts on his tour. Each person he meets acts stranger than the last!

First, he encounters The Vamps, who tease Austin with a number of made-up British customs. They even claim they're drinking coffee when they're really having tea!

Austin expects a slightly more typical meeting with his old friends, Fifth Harmony, but he's sorely mistaken.

The girls have a new thing, and are trying on their brand new personas as "thug harmony." Austin is totally not ready when they show off their new dance moves, and their performance sends Austin running for his life!

Austin breathes a sigh of relief when he spies Shawn Mendes. He seems totally normal, but his actions might be the weirdest of all!

"I've been normal all day, dude," he insists, but soon Shaun claims that the floor is lava, and demonstrates that mustard is his favorite food by squirting the bottle directly into his mouth. His telekinetic powers leave Austin speechless!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think, and whose role was your favorite, in the comments below! You can also join us at to share your tour experiences and more!