If You Love Music AND Moisturized, Plump Lips, You Have to Try TrapStix Lip Balm

If you're anything like me, chances are that you have a million lip balms lying around, and only a handful that you actually use on a regular basis.

Where I live, it's particularly chilly, and I find myself turning to my favorite balms more often to soothe my dry, chapped lips. Depending on the situation, I'll apply different balms, like whether I need SPF protection or extra moisture, but I'm not ashamed to admit that most of the time, I'm looking for something that tastes nice on my lips. Since discovering TrapStix, they've become my go-to.

Developed by 20-year-old entrepreneur Aysia Hilliard, these balms aren't just super soothing, but also boast delicious flavors inspired by today's biggest musicians. The team behind TrapStix was kind enough to send me some flavors to try, and I've quickly become obsessed.

The Brand

TrapStix lip balms are highly moisturizing, inexpensive lip balms with great flavors based on puns on pop's most influential artists of today. With flavors including Fizzo, Charry Styles, Billie Limeish, Post Melone and so many more, they offer flavors for all tastes—both musically and flavor-wise. In addition to classic balms, they also have vibrant glosses. The balms include hydrating soybean oil, beeswax, grape seed oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil for smooth and kissable lips.

And at $2.50 per balm, TrapStix is super affordable. You can also get a Trap Pax, including five flavors of your choice for $9.99, or The TrapStix Collection, featuring 14 iconic flavors for $21.99. For my review, I was sent the Drape, J. Cola and Leminem flavors.

TrapStix lip balm collection

(via TrapStix)


The Balms


The Drake-inspired "Drape" balm is grape-flavored, and from the first moments I applied this balm, I could not stop licking my lips. The flavor was sweet and candy-like, without having a weird aftertaste, and it seriously tasted better than many grape-flavored candies I'd had. But even better, it actually made my lips feel super soft and moisturized. It instantly solved my dry winter lips (even with my tasting the balm constantly), with hydration that lasted for hours, and became even better the more I applied it. I was surprised how much better it worked than other expensive balms I've used and instantly threw it in my purse for daily use.

TrapStix Drape lip balm

(via TrapStix)


J. Cola

This J. Cole-influenced J. Cola flavor also worked wonders on my lips, but in a completely different flavor. I loved the complexity of the cola taste, which was a little sweet and a little tangy, but always so much fun to apply. It's not the first time I've tried a cola-flavored balm, but it's by far the best, and I can see this one being a fan favorite.

TrapStix J Cola lip balm

(via TrapStix)



Last, but definitely not least, I tried the lemon-flavored, Eminem-inspired Leminem flavor. I'm obsessed with all things lemon, so I was very much looking forward to wearing this one, and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. Again, it offered the great lip protection I'd come to expect, but this time with a fresh, citrusy taste, minus all of the sourness of a lemon. It really tastes like a lemon drop candy, and if I had to guess, this will probably be the tube I use up first.

TrapStix Leminem lip balm

(via TrapStix)


Bottom Line

TrapStix might be the most moisturizing lip balm in a tube that I've ever tried, and the fact that they also taste super delicious, without costing very much, makes them a must-try. My lips are feeling and looking as good as they do when I use more expensive lip treatments. Plus, when my lips don't have any flavor on them, that's a great reminder to reapply some balm. I've found that I'm rapidly working my way through these three balms—and once I do, I plan on trying out even more of their tasty flavors.


Curious about how the brand came to be? Click HERE to read our interview with founder and CEO Aysia Hilliard.