6 Travel Essentials You Need for 2023

If "travel more" is one of your goals for 2023, you're definitely not alone.

2022 saw a renewed excitement for traveling, whether it be to far off, foreign lands or just to the next state over, but no matter where you plan on going in 2023, you can start to focus on the how in order to set yourself up for a successful trip (or trips). Whether you're basically a professional traveler by this point or heading out for your first-ever venture, we want to give you an extra boost by letting you in on some of the top travel essentials you need for 2023. Pack your bags—and don't forget:

This Must-Have Hanging Toiletries Bag: $23+

Tired of having to pack, unpack and repack all your makeup and toiletries every time you head to a new destination? Forget about the hassle and stop yourself from accidentally forgetting any essential items in your routine by packing everything into this ultra-convenient hanging toiletries bag. Trust us—it's a space-saving must-have, especially for cramped hotel rooms or any shared counter spaces.

bagsmart toiletry bag

(via Amazon)


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This Foldable Travel Bag: $21

If you're capable of packing light but still want to make sure you pack everything you need and then some, this foldable bag from Amazon is an absolute must. It's small enough to count as your "personal item" on flights, yet roomy enough to fit everything you need without having to pack a full bag. Bonus: it perfectly goes over the handle of a rolling carry-on bag and has enough pockets to fit everything from your passport to your water bottle.

bagsmart foldable duffle bag

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This Travel-Friendly Water Bottle With a Built-In Filter: $25.95

Speaking of water bottles, this filtering bottle from LifeStraw is one of the best that a traveler's money can buy. Staying hydrated while you travel is so important, and this item makes it easy by allowing you to drink fresh, safe, filtered water from just about anywhere. Not only does this save you from having to buy bottled water everywhere you go, but it also helps you to stay healthy on the go while doing good for the planet, too. And it especially doesn't hurt that it comes in a ton of cute colors.

lifestraw go 650 ml water bottle

(via LifeStraw)


Some (Vegan-Friendly) Probiotic and Immune-Supporting Vitamins: $7

Real talk: Traveling can make you bloated, and it can even lead to you getting sick. Between any new foods you're eating and the general change to your regular routine, your body can take a toll in the process. Thankfully, the key to not letting all that get to you is preparing, and having some probiotics that also provide immune system-boosting ingredients is a total win-win for travel.

up4 probiotic gummies

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This Dry Shampoo Powder: $22

No time to wash your hair with all the travel chaos? No problem. This dry shampoo from beloved vegan hair care brand Better Natured is one of the best we've ever tried, and it's especially great for traveling since it's actually a powder, rather than a spray. Not only does that make it more compact, but it also means it's less likely to get confiscated when you're going through security or customs. This stuff will keep your strands looking and feeling fresh, even when you're on the go.

better natured fresh dry shampoo powder

(via Better Natured)


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This Compact Jewelry Organizer: $10

Whether you're hopping on a plane, train or even just an automobile, keeping your jewelry organized (aka untangled and with no missing earrings) can be quite the challenge. That's where this handy organizing case comes in, protecting your preferred selection of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets by keeping them separated conveniently into their own specific sections.

smileshe travel velvet jewelry box

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Now that you have a list of essentials, it's time to get going on your goal to travel in 2023. Need some inspiration on where to go? Just click HERE to check out our top places to travel to in Europe.