K-pop group TRENDZ have set out to become the trendsetters of the genre, and with the release of their latest single album BLUE SET Chapter. [NEW DAYZ], they’re well on their way to superstardom.

The long-awaited comeback of the seven-member group arrived last month, with HAVIT, LEON, YOONWOO, HANKOOK, ra.L, EUNIL and YECHAN putting their talents on full display with three incredible new tracks. The title track, “NEW DAYZ,” has been generating some very well-deserved buzz, with a pulsing alt-pop sound as the group sings about the challenges they face as young men in today’s world, and the optimism they hold in spite of all of it. “NEW DAYZ” also arrived with a cinematic music video flaunting the group’s dancing and acting talents—and in less than a month, it’s been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube alone. After debuting at the start of 2022, they’ve firmly cemented their place in the scene, and we had the chance to chat with the group all about their new music, their love of their FRIENDZ fandom and what’s next.

Sweety High: What does the name TRENDZ mean to the group?

Hankook: It means seven boys who gathered together to become trendsetters.


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SH: Can you each introduce yourselves and your roles within TRENDZ?

Havit: Hello—I’m the eternal oldest member Havit, in charge of happiness and smiles in TRENDZ. Contrary to who I seem to be due to my husky voice, I am full of charms ~♡

Leon: Hello! I’m Leon, TRENDZ’s main dancer who’s always full of energy!

Yoonwoo: Hello! I’m Yoonwoo, TRENDZ’s member with a sexy visual and superior physique.

Hankook: I’m the team’s visual leader, the incredible leader Hankook.

ra.L: Hello! I’m ra.L, in charge of the rap. I’m a rapper who is full of charms and love. This time, I also took part in the writing of the lyrics of the album NEW DAYZ! Give us a lot of love, please!

Eunil: Hello! I’m Eunil, an honest boy in charge of strong support to TRENDZ, I’m the visual and main vocalist.

Yechan: Hello! I’m Yechan, TRENDZ’s youngest member who wants to become a perfect hexagon!


SH: Tell us about the new track “NEW DAYZ.” What was the inspiration behind the song, and what does the song mean to the group?

Hankook: I think I was inspired when thinking of FRIENDZ and the members. Just like the title “NEW DAYZ,” it means we’ll show a new side of ourselves and create new days with the people around us.

ra.L: When we received “NEW DAYZ” for the first time, unlike the previous album, there wasn’t a guide for the rap part. I wrote the lyrics thinking that LEEZ (the songwriter) wanted to give us an opportunity to express our musicality with more freedom, so that’s why he sent it without a guide. It’s a free song and different from the style we showed until now, so I was a little overwhelmed and worried when I wrote the lyrics, but, while I was talking to Hankook and Yechan, I gradually chose a path and concluded that, since this is a song that is different from the ones we released before, I should write the lyrics with a free feeling, so I think we gave each other strength and inspiration. I think the meaning of this song for the group is a new beginning. This album is the last story of the world perspective in BLUE SET that we’ve been following since our debut, but, originally, the “end” also means a new beginning! So I think this is a new start!


SH: Describe the “NEW DAYZ” music video for us. Tonally, how does it differ from your music videos of the past?

Eunil: Until now, the MVs of the singles were released with a focus on intense choreographies to match the atmosphere of the songs, but this time we wanted to show a 180º change in the concept of the MV as well. So, for the first time, we meticulously prepared the MV like a drama. Did you enjoy watching it? If you pay attention to TRENDZ’s first acting challenge, you’ll have even more fun ☺ (I also act in TRENDZ, so it would be even better if you pay attention to my facial expressions [laughs]).


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SH:  How would you describe the new single album?

Leon: I think all three songs of the NEW DAYZ single album are excellent. All of them have different feelings, so I think you’ll be able to feel many charms.

Havit: If I had to point out some of the points to be observed in this album, it would be our mature vocals, rap and even better visuals. As well as the challenge in which we show a refreshing and funky concept! It’s a lyric that anyone can identify with, so, if you pay attention to the lyrics while you listen to it, you’ll be able to feel a different fun!


SH: How do you feel you’ve all grown as artists and as a group since your last single album? Do you think your sound has changed since then?

Eunil: First of all, since the speed of the adaptation to new songs and choreographies for the activities in each comeback is gradually increasing, I think we are definitely maturing a lot. The songs that TRENDZ has released so far focused a lot on powerful performances, but this time we left this intensity aside to express a unique style of the group, which is shiny and refreshing but free and funky at the same time! It’s a concept in which we challenged ourselves for the first time, so we were a little clumsy at the beginning, but we diligently prepared ourselves with a lot of passion and that’s why we are very happy to show a complete and high-quality look.

Yoonwoo: I think the array of musical choices we can make has become wider. After experiencing many songs, I believe our musical understanding increased. And I’m happy to see that TRENDZ continues to create its own colors.


SH:  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Havit: This year of 2023, the prelude of FRIENDZ’s and TRENDZ’s new story was opened with NEW DAYZ. That’s why I want to work more diligently to have more opportunities to work abroad and I definitely want to meet the FRIENDZ who are in the USA! Please, wait just a little bit more, I’ll run to you soon. ♥

Leon: FRIENDZ! Let’s have some happy days by enjoying the NEW DAYS promotions together! I love you.

Yoonwoo: We always wanted to show a new side of ourselves to FRIENDZ, I hope our different charms can be seen in this new album and I hope FRIENDZ like it.

Hankook: I have the ambition to make this album go well! I want to see myself developing day-by-day with this ambition.

ra.L: When I’m on stage, I always think of the FRIENDZ who support us! In the same way, I hope the activities now can repay all the love and support that FRIENDZ send us! I practiced a lot to give you a love bigger than the one you give us, so I hope you take care of us and create many memories during these promotions!! I love you, FRIENDZ!

Eunil: Regardless of being for a short or long time, I want to thank FRIENDZ who waited for us during the hiatus. We’ll work hard to show you TRENDZ’s many new and different sides that FRIENDZ wanted to see! I love you! ♥

Yechan: FRIENDZ! Just like you waited for us and were excited about these activities, we prepared ourselves a lot, so give us a lot of support and, please, pay attention to TRENDZ’s fresh, cute and exciting sides! I love you. 😘


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