9 Struggles You'll Only Relate to If You Have an Uncommon Name

Whether it's the spelling, the pronunciation or just the lack of commonality, having an unusual name definitely has its drawbacks.

We're guessing your family members have assured you that once you get older, people will love your "weird" name—but in the meantime, don't you just want to permanently ground mom and dad for putting you through day-to-day torture?

Okay, seriously though, from what we hear, it really does get better. But until then, agree with us below on these nine struggles you'll only relate to if you have an unusual name.

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1. You absolutely dread having a substitute teacher because you know they will totally slaughter the pronunciation of your name during roll call. As soon as it comes to that awkward pause in the roll sheet, you know you're up.

2. You have a very simple designated Starbucks alias because if the baristas can't spell or pronounce even your "normal" friends' names properly, there's no way that iced tea is going to come easily your way either!

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3. People like to give you the nicknames of bizarre characters in sci-fi movies that you've never seen… or just bizarre nicknames in general. Cue the eye-rolls here. ????

4. If someone sees your name before meeting you or speaking to you, they automatically assume you're from a different country. And better yet, there's no way you can possibly speak perfect English if your name isn't Ashley or Emily, right?

5. There's no such thing as mystery when it comes to dating. Should a pal want to set you up on a blind date with one of their friends, all it takes is a quick web search, and your whole past and present existence is revealed for better or worse (darn you, Google Images!!). Nope, the Ashleys and Emilys of the world do not have this problem.

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6. The above also applies to landing your first job. A potential boss has access to all of your possible social media missteps with just one quick click. You didn't necessarily want to make all of your accounts private, but now you have no choice. ????

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7. Your name may not even be that hard to spell or pronounce, but simply because it's slightly "different," people make it seem so difficult to remember.

7. You've begged your parents to call you a different name at one point or another. And it's probably a name that has nothing to do with your actual first or middle.

8. You find yourself getting annoyed easily when your name is spelled properly all over social media, among other places—yet people still text or email you on the reg with it spelled wrong. Can't your friends be respectful enough to take an extra second to address you properly?!

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9. Ordering anything over the phone is the hugest pain. You have to articulate every single letter of your name multiple times to make sure it's spelled correctly. And when the person on the other end reads it back, chances are they got it wrong.

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10. What's the point in traveling when you know you're never going to find your name on one of those cool license plates at the souvenir shops?


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