I Tried the Under Eye Glitter Trend—Here Are the Results!

You guys have probably noticed that I'm really into trying crazy beauty trends and fads.

I mean, I tried wearing two different colored eyeshadows, tested out the glossy eye trend, and I even dunked my face in freezing cold water to see if it would make my makeup stay on all day long–now that's dedication! So when I started seeing the under eye glitter trend popping up, I knew I had to give it a shot.

And while this trend feels like it may have been created by Tinkerbell, the under eye glitter fad was created with a purpose—to cover up dark circles. Now I'm not much of a glitter gal, but as a fair-skinned lady I am cursed with dark circles 24/7, so I was excited to give this one a shot. Could glitter be the answer to those dark blue smiley faces under my sleep-deprived eyes? I gave it a shot and here's what happened…

What You'll Need:

  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Glitter of your choice

Eyeshadow brush concealer and silver glitter

Step 1: Start With Normal Face Makeup Minus Concealer

I started off with my normal face makeup: face oil primer, sheer foundation, brow product, and a little bit of blush and bronzer. If you wear concealer usually, leave that off for now.

Step 1: Apply Normal Face Makeup

Step 2: Apply a Healthy Dose of Concealer Underneath Eyes

Apply a good amount of concealer underneath your eyes to help cover up those circles, but also to give the glitter a place to stick. Easy enough so far.

Apply concealer underneath eyes with finger

Step 3: Use an Eyeshadow Brush to Dab on Glitter

Use an eyeshadow brush to dab on the glitter underneath your eyes. Be careful! You don't want to get glitter in your eyes because that can be really painful. I gently tapped on glitter in no particular pattern. Keep applying glitter until you are happy with the look. A tip here: if you have an old eye shadow brush, I'd suggest using it. The glitter doesn't ruin the brush, but glitter is annoying to get off of things, brush included.

Use eyeshadow brush to apply glitter underneath eyes

Under eye glitter trend

Step 4: Add on White Liner and Mascara

I felt like my eyes needed a little something extra, so I lined my waterline with white eyeliner, and then coated my lashes with mascara. And voila, you're done!

Add white eyeliner to waterline and mascara to lashes

Not going to lie, I really like this look! It's super fun and made me feel a bit like a disco queen. I would definitely wear this to a dance, or find a way to incorporate it into a costume or wear it for a festive holiday party. The only downside? It didn't really cover my dark circles, like, at all. In fact, I felt like the silver glitter may have even enhanced them more but perhaps that's just me being a little crazy. All in all, I would totally recommend trying out this trend, even if it's just for a cute Instagram photo!


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