Laura Marano & Ross Lynch Put Their Phones Down For a Cause

Laura Marano blew our minds yesterday with a tweet about an insanely easy way to give back, the UNICEF Tap Project.laura marano unicef tap project

How does it work? For the rest of March, you can go to on your phone. For every 15 minutes you don't pick up your phone, they'll give a day of clean, safe drinking water to someone in need.

But Laura didn't just ask her fans to join in. She also invited her Austin & Ally cast mates Ross Lynch, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy, and even Austin & Ally onset pup Pixie, to the challenge.

laura marano challenges austin and ally cast to unicef tap project

Raini accepted first, totally ready to take on the challenge and make a difference.

raini rodriguez accepts laura maranos unicef tap project challenge

Next up was Ross, who fans joked would love the challenge because he never seems to be on his phone…

ross lynch says laura maranos uncief tap challenge will be easy

Last but not least, Calum happily joined in, with a winky face emoji in tow.

calum worthy accepts lauras challenge for the uncief tap project

Even UNICEF chimed in. We bet Laura is going to make a huge difference for the cause this year!

unicef excited about laura marano sharing tap project

The goal for 2015 is to donate 14 million days of clean water and you can be a part of that. Go to to see how long you can go without touching your phone for a great cause, and tell your friends. Share your results with us in the comments and at Sweety High.