Unicorn-Lovers, Prepare to Be Enchanted by These Magical Cell Phone Cases

Unicorns are without a doubt, the most bewitching mythical creatures.

They're majestic, captivating and drop-dead gorgeous. If it were up to us, we'd stare at these legendary animals all day long.

If you want to carry a little piece of unicorn magic with you every day, scroll below and take a peek at these totally mesmerizing phone cases.

Classic Unicorn Case: $14.19

Love the look of a simple unicorn? This chic blue and pink case will totally suit your needs.

Pink and blue unicorn phone case

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Unicorn Drinking Starbucks Case: $17.95

You haven't seen cute until you've seen a unicorn sippin' out of a Starbucks cup. Is this not the perfect representation of two of your favorite things on this planet?

Unicorn drinking Starbucks cell phone case

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Baby Unicorn Case: $12.96

The only thing more charming than a normal unicorn is a baby unicorn. You won't be able to stop ooing and awwing at this guy.

Baby unicorn cell phone case

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Always Be Yourself Case: $10.35

If you've always dreamed of being a unicorn yourself, this is the phone case that will speak directly to your heart. ❤️️

Always Be Yourself phone case

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Hand-Painted Unicorn Case: $11.50

Display your affection for the mythical creature in the most subtle of ways with this adorable (and hand painted!) cell phone case. You only wish you could draw unicorns this well…

Hand-painted unicorn cell phone case

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Unicorn Popsicle Case: $16.84

Who knew a unicorn on a popsicle stick could be so cute, right? Snag this bad boy and your unicorn craving will be totally satisfied.

Unicorn Popsicle Phone Case

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Unicorn Glitter Case: $9

Add a little sparkle to your life with this phone case that has actual glitter inside! If you tilt your phone up or down the glitter will disperse. Perfection. ✨

Unicorn glitter phone case

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Pusheen Unicorn Case: $15.55

Our fave cartoon character and mythical creature collide to create the ultimate cell phone case. Please try and stop yourself from purchasing this.

Unicorn pusheen phone case

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3D Unicorn Case: $22

If you're really trying to wow your friends and prove your love for these creatures, pick up a 3D case. This thing is a showstopper, for sure.

3D Unicorn Cell Phone Case

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3D Rainbow Unicorn Case: $8.99

And, if the above 3D case isn't amazing enough, get your hands on this vibrant little number. With this case on your cell, you'll look for any and every excuse to pull out your phone.

Rainbow unicorn phone case

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