You Need These Unique Pizza Mashups in Your Life ASAP

Pizza. We will eat it anytime, anyplace and with anything. It's that good.

As pizza enthusiasts, we thought we tried every doughy pie combination this world has to offer. But we were very wrong.

In honor of National Cheese Pizza Day today, Sept. 5, check out these 12 unique pizza hybrids that we need to get a slice of, stat.

1. Salad Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: This thing is loaded with goodness. It may look healthy because it's piled high with a chopped fresh salad and ripe California avocados, but don't let the green toppings fool you. The crust is covered in onion sour cream seasoning, and the whole pie is smothered in lemon-olive oil dressing. Literally just drooling staring at it.

Where to get it: Greyblock Pizza in Culver City and Santa Monica, California

Pac-man requested salad pizza here you go! #greyblockpizza#saladpizzalove!

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2. Potato Gold Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: This pie is like none we've ever tasted. It's made with a signature sweet potato crust and filled with potato wedges, bacon, cheese, ground beef, corn, tomato sauce and nacho chip flakes. So many flavors at once.  

Where to get it: Mr. Pizza in Los Angeles, California


3. Hot Dog Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: We love pizza and we love hot dogs, so obvi we want to take a bite out of this Vienna Beef hot dog-filled pizza. It doesn't hurt that it's deep dish, too!

Where to get it: Giordano's Pizza in Chicago, Illinois

Hot Diggity Za! Have you tried it yet? #chicagohotdogpizza

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4. Sushi Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: It sounds too intriguing not to try. Essentially, it's an open-faced sushi roll made with a seaweed and sushi rice crust. On top, there's crab mix, salmon, scallop, diced onions and jalapeño. Sushi lovers, pick your jaw off the ground. This is real.

Where to get it: Tokyo Table in Irvine, California


5. S'mores Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: Dessert pizza is never a bad idea. This one looks ooey, gooey and like it will definitely satisfy our sweet tooth. 

Where to get it: Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in Boston, Massachusetts, New York City, New York, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A slice of chocolate heaven. #DessertPorn

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6. Burgerizza

Why we need a slice ????: We're a little horrified that this exists, but also oddly fascinated. Why wouldn't we want to sandwich burger meat between two slices of pizza? It's genius.

Where to get it: Turner Field (home of the Atlanta Braves), in Atlanta, Georgia

Had to see what all the hype was about #Burgerizza #menshealth

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7. Pizza Fries

Why we need a slice ????: This picture does all the talking for us. This looks uh-mazinggg! ????

Where to get it: GD BRO Burger in Signal Hill, California 


8. Pulled Pork Nacho Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: You had us at pulled pork. This pie looks like it would be a crowd pleaser for our whole gang.


9. Mac & Cheese Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: We've dreamed about this type of pizza since the day we were born. So much cheese. So much goodness. 

Where to get it: Pizzanista! in Los Angeles, California 


10. Waffle Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: This is hands down the best thing to happen to waffles since fried chicken. Sweet and savory is the best combination!

Where to get it: Seoul Waffle Pizza in Los Angeles, California

Waffle Pizza: A reason for all of us to eat pizza for breakfast. ????: @hangrydiary #forkyeah

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11. Buttermilk Pancake Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: We love buttermilk pancakes, fresh strawberries, bananas and maple syrup. And this has all of that. Enough said. 

Where to get it: Krave It Sandwich Shop & Eatery in Bayside, New York


12. Breakfast Pizza

Why we need a slice ????: Breakfast is our fave meal of the day, and pizza is our fave type of food. We're just mad we never thought of adding eggs to our pizza before this.

Where to get it: Homeslice Wheel House in Chicago, Illinois

lunch date with @justin_shotwell at @homeslicewheelhouse ????????(breakfast pizza forever)

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Drooling, yet? Us, too. If you're a tried-and-true pizza lover, then you will definitely appreciate (and probs should own) every single one of THESE 15 pizza trinkets.