Loving the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year? Check Out These Darling Very Peri Products

If you're anything like us, you cannot stop thinking about the 2022 Pantone color of the year, Very Peri.

This luscious blue-purple shade of periwinkle is the stuff that dreams are made of, and this year, we practically want to bathe ourselves in it. We know we can't be the only ones, so keep scrolling for some gorgeous Very Peri-colored products that you'll definitely want to snag.

ADORAtherapy Chakra Healing Lotion Candle Number 5: $45

This lotion candle isn't just super pretty, but it's healing and restorative in more ways than one. Its color and minty, floral scent are designed to health the throat chakra, allowing users to better speak their truths. Plus, the melted candle can be used as a lotion that's great for your self-care practices. Simply light the candle to create a small pool of melted lotion before blowing it out and using it to soothe and moisturize your skin, healing your body and spirit.

Adoratherapy chakra 5 soy candle
(via ADORAtherapy)


LAPCOS Daily Collagen Mask: $17 for 5

What's better than an anti-aging mask, packed with collagen and peptides? One that also comes in sleek purple packaging. While all of LAPCOS's masks are winners, this one just might be our favorite of the bunch. These sheet masks leave skin feeling fresh, bouncy and revitalized in no time at all, and with five in a pack, you don't have to save them for a special occasion.

lapcos daily collagen mask

(via LAPCOS)



Plum Beauty Uplifting Facial Roller: (Price varies)

Lately, we've been all about facial rollers of all varieties, and Plum Beauty's Uplifting Facial Roller uses massaging stones to sculpt skin and promote better absorption of skincare products while also looking adorable on the counter. By rolling it across the forehead, jawline, cheeks, neck and more, you can enhance the look and feel of your skin in no time.

plum beauty upllifting facial roller

(via Plim Beauty)



Laki Naturals Lavender Magnesium Flakes Bath Soak: $16.99

Looking for some further rest and relaxation? Laki Naturals is one of our favorite bath companies around, and their Lavender Magnesium Flakes Bath Soak is particularly luxurious. While the flakes themselves are white (and peppered with real dried lavender buds), the bag is a marvelous purple shade, so you can adore it from the tub during the multiple soaks you'll get out of it.

laki naturals magnesium bath soak

(via Laki Naturals)


Multitasky iPhone Case Wallet/Crossbody Purse: $18

For those times you want to go out without bringing along the whole kitchen sink, this gorgeous purple iPhone case wallet and crossbody purse from Multitasky is the perfect accessory. Made with vegan leather, the pouch fits up to five cards (or lets you stash your cash) in one convenient place, attached to your phone. Plus, the brand makes cases for iPhone 7 all the way through to the current iPhone 13, so no matter how long it's been since you updated your phone, you can rock this look in style.

Multitasky iphone case wallet

(via Multitasky)


ANISA Beauty Cleansing Brush: $32

If you're a frequent makeup-wearer whose face requires a deep clean, look no further than this fabulous facial cleansing brush. It's designed to work for all skin types, gently cleansing pores and exfoliating the skin to leave it looking healthy and refreshed. Plus, it pairs with any facial cleansers, so you can keep getting the most out of your favorite wash.

anisa beauty cleansing brush

(via ANISA Beauty)


Love Is Fluide Hoodie: $25

Fluide is a powerful beauty brand that makes cosmetics designed for all skin shades and gender expressions. We absolutely love their message—and especially this "Love Is Fluide" hoodie in the most precious shade of periwinkle. Not only is it a hoodie for allies, but you'll also look super cute wearing it.

love is fluide hoodie

(via Fluide)


Voesh Shower & Empower Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash: $24

For the smoothest, cleanest skin, we have to recommend this Shower & Empower Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash from Voesh, in a dainty periwinkle color. It uses vegan probiotics to regenerate the skin barrier while also gently scrubbing away dead skin cells with pure sugar. And did we mention it also works as a scalp scrub?

voesh sugar scrub bubble wash

(via Voesh)


The Mane Choice POW! Leave-In Conditioner: $15.99

We love a good pop of color on our products, and in addition to the striking periwinkle bottle, this one also features bold pop art in pink, purple and yellow to really make it stand out in your shower. We also love that this leave-in conditioner is made for all hair types, with venus bark, kanka extract and cinnamon to give some much-needed moisture to dry strands.

the mane choice leave in conditioner

(via The Mane Choice)


KBShimmer Hugs & Wishes Nail Polish: $11

Want to take your touch of periwinkle with you everywhere you go? A mani is probably the best way to do that, and we think this Hugs & Wishes shade from KBShimmer captures the spirit of the color perfectly. Whether you wear it on its own, as an accent or as one color among many in some chic nail art, this magical color is destined to put a smile on your face.

Bshimmer hugs and wishes nail polish

(via KBShimmer)


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