I Tried Wanderlust's Pretzel and Rúgbrauð Ice Cream—Here's How It Really Tastes

I'm always on the lookout for unique and exciting new ice cream flavors to try.

Just this month I've taste-tested ice creams boasting ingredients from real blood and insects to goat cheese. This time, I tried the slightly more mundane—but still unusual—Pretzel + Rúgbrauð ice cream from Wanderlust Creamery.


The shop describes the flavor as "Toasted pretzel-infused ice cream" with "Caramelized Icelandic rye crumbs" and is inspired by Icelandic flavors. Rúgbrauð is a dense and sweet rye bread that's often steamed in hot springs, making it an interesting addition to a scoop of ice cream.


When I was served up the scoop I ordered, I found it interesting that it didn't look all that different from a scoop of vanilla ice cream, save a few speckles of deep brown crumbs. However, as I took the first bite, I knew it was much more special than that.


The creamy ice cream is rich with a hint of salt, giving it a buttery flavor that fluctuates between caramel and coffee notes. It's tough to explain, but the ice cream also has a bready, slightly baking soda-like taste that beautifully evokes the spirit of a pretzel.

And while the ice cream tastes exquisite on its own, it's elevated further by the rúgbrauð crumbs. The bread tastes hearty and earthy, and its sweetness is brought out by the caramelization process. The ice cream isn't bursting with these crumbs, so when you get one in a spoonful of the ice cream, it's an extra special treat. They complement the ice cream and bring out even more of the pretzel flavor. Personally, I think it'd be tough not to fall in love with it.

Wanderlust Creamery has four locations throughout the Los Angeles area, with some locations featuring speciality seasonal recipes. Their Atwater Village and Tarzana locations currently have a salted duck egg flavor, so expect to hear from me if I ever get the chance to stop by.


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