WAT-AAH! Partners With Ariana Grande To Promote Health!

Ariana Grande has partnered with the bottled water company WAT-AAH! to share her healthy lifestyle with fans!ariana grande wat-aah!

WAT-AAH! is a different kind of beverage company. Instead of offering different sugary flavors, they have five varieties of pure spring water, infused with nutrients like magnesium, oxygen and electrolytes for an extra boost!

Ariana donned fluffy cat ears and a zip-up hoodie for a brief question and answer video about her new involvement with WAT-AAH!

She explains that she teamed up with the brand because she cares a lot about health, and wants to encourage Arianators to embrace a healthy lifestyle with her!

She also talks about how much she loves the open-mouthed WAT-AAH mascot, because he represents just how amazing and energized drinking plenty of water can make you feel!

"I LOVE WAT-AAH! because living a healthy lifestyle is so important to me and I want to inspire my fans to do the same," she explains on the WAT-AAH! homepage. "Now as a partner in the company, I am excited to share WAT-AAH! with you all."

She'll also be doing some cool stuff with WAT-AAH in the future, so stay tuned!

Earlier this year, the McClain sisters and Drake Bell joined WAT-AAH's Move Your Body campaign to encourage kids to drink more water and exercise!

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