5 Big Ways Cancers Are Totally Misunderstood

Cancer season is quickly approaching, which has us thinking about all the moody crabs in our lives.

While this zodiac sign is known for being overly emotional and quite unpredictable, there's so much more to people born under the Cancer sign. They are highly emotional, but their passionate nature means that people often get the wrong idea about these sweet souls.

Keep scrolling for five big ways Cancers are totally misunderstood.

They're Emotional, But They're Not Selfish

If you upset a Cancer, they have no problem making their hurt known. They're very sensitive and they don't cope well with pain, so they'll often grow upset and lash out at the people around them. However, Cancers will only react poorly to people if they think the other person can take it. Although they're emotional, Cancers know how to read a room, and they won't make things harder for someone who's clearly having a difficult time. If they feel that their emotional outbursts will cause serious hurt, Cancers know how to reign it in and practice some control over their feelings. They're very empathetic and they never want to do real harm—they just want their feelings to be heard and acknowledged.

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They're Moody Because They're in Touch With Their Feelings

There's no point in denying it: Cancers are moody. They might be having the best day, but if one thing goes wrong their mood turns sour in seconds. Because of this, people often assume Cancers are childish and overly sensitive. However, they aren't moody because every little thing upsets them. They're actually just more in touch with their feelings than other zodiac signs.

While other signs don't register hurt as quickly, Cancer feels everything for both themselves and other people. They're empathetic, so any kind of hurt and pain affects them deeply. While their moods may change quickly, it's simply because they're so in tune with the world around them.


They're Passive Aggressive Because They Don't Feel Appreciated

While Cancer feels everything deeply, they struggle to express themselves coherently. Rather than talking things out, they use passive aggression and the silent treatment as their preferred conflict techniques. Because they pull away when they're hurt, people assume they're hard and unforgiving. However, that persona is simply their tough outer shell taking control.

Cancer needs so much love and affection because they give so much love and affection. If they feel rejected or unappreciated, they'll shut off to protect themselves. With a little coaxing and care, Cancers will forgive anyone they care about. They may have a tough outer shell, but they're nothing but soft and squishy on the inside.

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They Care About Family, But They're Very Independent

Cancer is often referred to as the Mother of the zodiac, and there's definitely some truth to that statement. Cancers care very deeply about their family and their home, probably more than any other zodiac sign. However, that doesn't mean that Cancers want to live their life in a little bubble surrounded only by loved ones.

In fact, Cancers are very independent. They're always trying new things and have no problem exploring their world. Before they branch out, however, they simply want a solid foundation in their personal lives. If everything at home is running smoothly, Cancer has no problem letting their more adventurous side shine.


They're Sensitive, But They're Not Crybabies

When talking about Cancers, people often associate sensitivity with weakness. They assume that Cancers are constantly breaking down into tears every time things don't go their way. However, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Cancers are emotional, but they tend to keep their true feelings locked away. They rarely cry, and instead will present a calm face almost entirely devoid of emotion. They'll confide in close friends about how they really feel, but they're more likely to react to hurt with frustration and anger rather than with tears.


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